Track Rules

Any condition considered to be unsafe by Tulsa Raceway Park track officials will be adequate grounds for barring or withdrawing a vehicle from participation in any event, until the fault has been remedied to the satisfaction of track officials. The decision of track officials will be considered final in all inspection or elimination protests or procedures. Tech Staff reserves the right to disqualify any car not meeting the rules or the spirit of the rules. TRP Staff also reserves the right to make amendments to the rules at later dates.

All racers, spectators and crew members are required to comply with all current NHRA and Tulsa Raceway Park rules. This document is a condensed version of those rules and does not delineate every rule.

Drivers and crew members at an event shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship, particularly in relation to other competitors and track officials, and in a manner, that will not harm the reputation of the NHRA, Tulsa Raceway Park or the sport of Drag Racing. Failure to do so may result in penalties ranging from disqualification from the event to being banned from Tulsa Raceway Park at the discretion of the Conduct Advisory Board. This Board consists of Todd Martin, Keith Haney and Jimmy Boles. In addition to other offenses or violations of specific rules, each of the following shall be deemed a breach of the rules:

1. Reckless or dangerous driving, either on the track or in the pits.
2. Failure to obey any direction or order of an official.
3. Refusing to cooperate with, interfering with, or obstructing the actions of any Track Official in the performance of their duties.
4. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
5. Physical violence or verbal abuse towards any other participant, official or spectator at an event.
6. Bribery or attempts to bribe anyone connected with the event, and the solicitation of, acceptance of, or offer to accept a bribe. This also applies to the TRP Points Program.
Coolers are prohibited except for racers. Racers are not to take coolers out of the pit area during racing. Ice is available at the Concession Stand. No one, including racers, may bring beer into the facility. Vehicles may be inspected by gate personnel. Absolutely NO glass containers are allowed on the property.

Passengers must have all the same safety equipment that is required for the drive. Only 1/8 mile passes are allowed and must be a single pass.

Driver Credentials
All drivers must have a valid driverís license before they will be allowed to make a pass down the drag strip. The only exceptions to this rule are the Junior Dragsters. Junior Dragster drivers must have their official NHRA Participation Card before they make a pass down the drag strip. All drivers must be licensed to their respective ETís if one is required.

Tech Cards
No Tech Cards will be sold after the first round of eliminations has been completed. If the first round is in process, you may purchase a tech card AND a buy back tech card. This will put you into the Program as a first round loser/buy back participant.

Restricted Areas
No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the restricted areas, this includes the area from the water box to the starting line.

Pit Vehicles/Bikes/Scooters/Golf Carts
All pit vehicles must be registered annually and have a serialized pit vehicle decal as per NHRA Division 4 rules. Cost is $10 per year.

No one under the age of 16, or anyone above the age of 16 without a valid state driverís license, is allowed to operate any kind of motorized vehicle (gas powered or electric powered) in the pits. They are to be used as tow vehicles only or business related to racing. Improper use of these vehicles by driver, crew, family or anyone else may result in disqualification or expulsion from the facility and forfeiture of entry fees.

Speed Limits
The speed limit in the pit area and the return road is 10 mph.

Alcoholic Beverages
Any driver observed by track officials to be consuming any amount of alcohol while still in competition will be disqualified from the event. No alcohol permitted in the staging lanes or on the starting line. Absolutely NO glass bottles or containers allowed at the facility.

Leash Rule
Any pets brought into the facility must be on a leash at all times. Pet owners will be asked not to bring the pet back if problems with the animal occur.

Open toed shoes are not allowed while racing.

If a racer who is participating in an event suspects another competitor of cheating, the protester must request the Tech Director do an inspection. Along with the request, $1000 must be given to the Tech Director for the protest. The Tech Director has the final say, and the outcome of the inspection is left up to the Tech Directorís discretion. If the accused is found to be cheating the money will be returned to the protestor and the accused will be disqualified. They may also be expelled from the points program and lose all their accumulated points for the season. If the accused is not found to be cheating, they will be awarded the $1000 and the protestor may be disqualified if the protest is deemed fraudulent at the discretion of the Tech Director. Protests can be made at any time. The inspection will be made after the completion of the next round. If a vehicle fails inspection, it will not be allowed to participate further.
Rain Out Policy
Rain delays are not considered a rainout. Until a decision has been made by management that an event has been cancelled or called, everyone must consider themselves on rain delay and not a cancellation... no credits will be given until this decision has been made. At that time, the policy below stands.

Bracket Races and Feature Races: No Cash Refunds. If a rainout occurs before eliminations begin, pit crew rain checks will be issued. Car and driver credits will be issued to racers. Spectator rain checks will not be issued if two hours or more have elapsed from the scheduled gate opening for the event.

Once eliminations begin, in the event of a rainout, the race will be considered as completed. Points will be issued to racers as of the last completed round. All purse money will be divided evenly among those racers still in competition in each class. There will be no make-up of a rained-out race. Spectator rain checks will not be issued.

For non-money classes, car and driver credits will be issued if the rainout occurs before the first round of eliminations begin. Once eliminations begin, in the event of rainout, the race will be considered as completed. No credits of any type (i.e. car/driver/ pit crew, spectator) will be issued.

Test and Tune or Midnight Drags: No Cash Refunds. No rain checks will be issued once two hours has elapsed from the scheduled gate opening for the event. Otherwise, rain checks will be issued and are good for the next scheduled event only. In the event of a rain out, no money will be awarded for fastest car, fastest truck or fastest bike.

Feature Races (Spectator/Pit Crew Only): No Cash Refunds. No spectator or pit crew rain checks will be issued once feature cars have completed the first round of eliminations. Otherwise, rain checks will be issued and are good for the makeup date only.