Midnight Drag Rules

Midnight Drags are open to both cars and motorcycles. Following are some basic rules, which must be adhered to.

Cars & Trucks

  • No bald tires allowed.

  • Seat belts are required

  • Overflow can for radiator

  • Battery hold down bracket

  • .400 Pro Tree using manual start

  • Valid state driver’s license required. Learner’s permits are not acceptable.

  • Helmets (Snell 2000 or newer) required for all vehicles running 13.99 or quicker.

  • Drivers are required to wear long pants, a shirt, socks and shoes.

  • Additional safety equipment may be required for some cars.


  • Open exhaust not allowed.

  • .400 Pro Tree using manual start.

  • Valid state motorcycle operator's license required. Learner's permits are not acceptable.

  • Full face Snell M2000 or newer helmet required.

  • Leather jacket and gloves.

  • Over the ankle leather shoes or boots.

  • Kill switch and tether/lanyard required on all motorcycles running 120 MPH or faster.