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MAKO Rules

This class is intended for Stock Floor Pan, Stock Suspension, Torque Arm and Ladder Bar cars.

Cubic inch will be checked randomly at all races, there are no max limits small block, big blocks maximum 660ci. If any particular combination proves to be dominating based off of performance, weight may be adjusted based on cubic inch, or power adder.

Class will run 4 tenths Pro Tree, 1/8th Mile
All cars must be driven to the staging lanes or scales, not both (depends on how we are weighing).


  • Stock Front frame rails and Smith Race Craft bolt on Front Ends only. Must be in stock location. Aftermarket control arms and bushings allowed, bolted in stock locations. (#1 Footnote).
  • Pre 48 cars see Footnote #3.
  • Rack and Pinion steering allowed.
  • K-Members allowed (late model Mustangs, Camaro and Firebirds).
  • After market front suspension components allowed (#1 footnote).
  • ALL replacement parts must be in stock location.
  • Aftermarket strut is allowed (#1 footnote).
  • Mini Tubs allowed.
  • Back half allowed with stipulations.
  • Stock Suspension, ladder bar or Torque Arm only.
  • Transmission may have a removable cover, it will need to be carpeted.
  • No aftermaket 4 links allowed.
  • Anti-sway bars allowed.
  • Leaf springs or coil spring may be moved in-board.
  • Relocation of rear shock allowed.
  • No wheelie bars.
  • Aftermarket Coil over shocks allowed (#1 footnote).
  • Motor Plate and Mid Plate allowed.


  • Unaltered floor pan. Floor may be altered for thru the floor sub-frame connectors, etc.
  • Floor pans must be from back of front seat to firewall.
  • Firewall must be in stock location, minor modifications for trans, etc, is OK.
  • Trunk floor can be modified for fuel cell and pumps.
  • Floor pan may be notched for Ladder Bar clearance.
  • Must have working head lights and taillights.
  • Rear seat may be removed.
  • Fiberglass limited to doors, fenders, hood, trunk lid, and bumpers. Fiberglass fenders will be allowed but they must be a replacement type, IE no one piece fiberglass front ends, the parts have to be separate.
  • Aftermarket front spoiler allowed.
  • No Extenders / Stripe Takers which stick out past the bumper or leading edge of the factory part of the car.
  • Lexan allowed, must maintain a factory appearance.


  • Standard bore space blocks only.
  • Mass produced cast aluminum intakes only unless no commercially made intake is available, will need to call for approval.
  • Cast tunnel ram 2 - 4 barrels will be allowed on any engine combination add 50 lbs.
  • Mufflers required on all combinations except turbos. No Insert or Collector mufflers.
  • Fuel injection allowed.
  • No ProMag or equivalent .
  • Billet or custom fabricated heads prohibited.
  • Big Chiefs or pro stock style heads on big blocks naturally aspirated only.
  • Big block Ford and Chrysler must call for head approval 918-451-8212.
  • Alcohol allowed, Injected add 100 lbs., no intercooler allowed.
  • Alcohol carbureted blow through, no intercooler allowed.

Power Adders

Big Block Nitrous

  • Two Bottles allowed, must Y together with no shut off's before the Y, you can have a ball valve after the Y.
  • If running 2 Bottles they must both be open at beginning of run.
  • Multiple Nitrous kits, must use #4 Nitrous line maximum .195 inside diameter for the fitting and the line, minimum 12 inches long attached single side of Y or at single bottle.
  • Single Fogger allowed #6 or smaller Nitrous Line after the Y or at the bottle (Electronic Fuel Injection allowed only 8 nitrous feed lines on engine).
  • Two Stage Plate allowed #6 Nitrous Line after the Y or at the bottle.
  • No push nitrous systems.

Small Block Nitrous

  • Two Bottles allowed, must Y together with no shut off's before the Y, you can have a ball valve after the Y.
  • If running 2 Bottles they must both be open at beginning of run.
  • #6 or smaller Nitrous Line after the Y or at the bottle.
  • No push nitrous systems.


  • Reducers measured within 1/16" of compressor wheel.
  • Reducer cannot allow air to pass behind reducer.
  • Surge Holes and/or Slots on Turbos over 84mm must be covered.
  • No Nitrous allowed with Turbo


  • F-1R or equivalent allowed
  • F-2 or equivalent allowed with 3.875 reducer required.
  • F-2R is not legal.
  • Up to 10.71 Blower Roots type allowed No Screw or Hi Helix.
  • No Nitrous allowed with Blower



  • Add 100 lbs. Alcohol EFI and Mechanical Injection.
  • Add 50 lbs. Cast Tunnel Ram, 2 carburetors.
  • Deduct 25 lbs. Classic Cars ( See #5 footnote)
  • Deduct 25 lbs. Truck
  • Deduct 25 lbs. Leaf Springs
  • Deduct 50 lbs for 26" x 8.5" slicks
  • Deduct 350 lbs. Naturally aspirated
  • Deduct 250 lbs. Front Wheel Drive
  • Deduct 100 lbs. Mod Motor

Nitrous Big Block


  • 555ci and under 3150 lbs.
  • 556-590ci 3200 lbs.
  • 591-615ci 3250 lbs.
  • 616-638ci 3325 lbs.
  • 639 and over 3400 lbs.


  • Deduct 100 lbs 2 Solenoid 2 Spray Bar Nitrous Plate with No Line Restriction (1 fuel 1 nitrous solenoid)
  • Deduct 100 lbs. Buick Olds Pontiac.

Nitrous Small Block

Inline Heads Neal, Yates, SB2,
Race LS 11 degree, ect.
380ci and under 2650 lbs. 2750 lbs.
381-410ci 2700 lbs. 2800 lbs.
411-440ci 2750 lbs. 2850 lbs.
441ci and over 2800 lbs. 2900 lbs.

Deduct 100 lbs 2 Solenoid 2 Spray Bar Nitrous Plate with No Line Restriction (1 fuel 1 nitrous solenoid)


  • F-2 / 10.71 Blower big block 3450 lbs.
  • (3.875 reducer required on F-2).
  • F-2 / 10.71 Blower small blocks 3350 lbs.
  • (No Reducer).
  • F-2 / 10.71 Blower small blocks Neal Yates SB2 ect. 3400 lbs.
  • Deduct 200 lbs. F-1R or equivalent.
  • Deduct 100 lbs. 8-71.
  • Deduct 200 lbs. 6-71.

Weights on Turbo combinations may have minor adjustments based on performance during the season, but nothing major.

  • 67mm Twin Turbos, small frame only, reducer allowed (small block) 3250 lbs.
  • Single 80mm T6 Turbocharger (small block) 3100 lbs.
  • Single 85mm T6 Turbocharger (small block) 3250 lbs.
  • Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (Y2K or GT47-88 ) 3250 lbs.
  • Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (GT55-88, Pro Mod 88, ET-R 88 or =) 3350 lbs.
  • Single Turbo reduced 89-94mm 3400 lbs (#2, #3 Footnotes)
  • Single Turbo reduced 95mm - 106mm 3450 lbs. (not allowed on Big Block) (#2, #3 Footnotes)
  • Neal Yates SB2 Aftermarket LS 11 degree, ect.. Add 50 lbs.
  • Big Block Add 100 lbs.


  • Mickey Thompson
  • any Slick marked to 28.0/10.5 including the W tire.
  • any Slick marked to 29.5/10.5 non W.
  • any ET Street up to the 28/13.50 or 30/12.50.
  • any ET Drag Radial no larger than 15" wheel diameter.



  • any slick marked to 29.5/10.5 [except the 18192 and 18175 tires are not legal].
  • any DOT Drag Radial no larger than 15" wheel diameter.


  • any slick marked to 29.5/10.5.


  • any slick marked to 29.5/11.0.

Safety Rules

All applicable safety rules for the track we are racing at apply.


  • Coil spring on upper a-arm vehicles may install aftermarket Mustang a-arm or strut type front suspension (must have approval).
  • Inlet restrictor must be mounted no farther away than the original inlet flange.
  • Turbo reducers will be measured within 1/16 of an inch of the compressor wheel fins.
  • Pre 48 model cars allowed to replace frame and suspension with typical street rod type replacementsuspensions, no round tube frames or race car 4-links allowed.
  • "Classic" Car is any Car that had the basic body platform produced prior to 1974 and a factory wheelbase over 107 inches. Example a 1981 Camaro will still be considered a Classic Car because the platform started production in 1970.

I reserve the right to change to or modify the rules as necessary with no less than 3 weeks notification

Jeff Holloway