Limited Drag Radial Rules

RULES: TRP Rule Change / ADD 100lbs must be added for car over 88mm and the MAX of 94mm Turbos.

FORMAT: This is a 1/8 mile heads-up class run on a .400 pro tree with a pro ladder. Courtesy staging and auto-start is in effect. THIS IS A SINGLE POWER ADDER CLASS ONLY!

SAFETY: All NHRA/IHRA and Local Track Safety rules apply for driver and car, including the use of an oil retention device or engine diaper.

BALLAST: Any material used for the purpose of adding to a car's total weight must be permanently attached to the car's structure and must not extend in front of or behind the rear of the car's body. No liquid or loose ballast permitted (i.e., water, sandbags, rock, shot bags, metal weights, etc.)Removable weight must be securely mounted to the frame or frame structure by a minimum of two 1/2 inch diameter steel bolts per 100 pounds, or one 3/8 steel bolt per 5 pounds; all other weight bars, pucks etc.

BODY: The car must retain its original appearance, profiles, and dimensions. Factory roof and quarter panels must be used. Aftermarket fiberglass and/or carbon fiber replacement panels are limited to hood, front fenders, doors, deck-lids, and bumpers only. Carbon fiber T-Top replacement panels permitted. All front ends must be of factory dimensions and cannot be lengthened and must meet all NHRA/IHRA height. (See ground clearance note below). Any beam tripping devices forward of the bumper are prohibited. (Track tech official will have final say) Aftermarket wings and spoilers are permitted. Complete stock appearing front and rear bumpers are required. A hood must be used: scoop or hood must cover the entire induction system. Forward facing hood scoops/ turbo or supercharger inlets are permitted.

ELECTRONICS: Mag type ignition prohibited.

GROUND CLEARANCE: Minimum 3 inches from front of car to 12 inches behind centerline of front axle, 2 inches for remainder of car, except the oil pan, oil retention device, and headers.

INTERIOR: Fiberglass / carbon dash permitted. The transmission tunnel maybe removable. Aftermarket steering column is permitted. WINDSHIELD/WINDOWS: OEM glass or Lexan windows are permitted.

CHASSIS: Front frame rails must be retained. Tube chassis cars not permitted. Tubing forward of the strut tower or forward of the a-arm mounting point permitted. Back-halved cars are permitted. Front core support may be modified or removed. Aftermarket bolt-on replacement front K-members/sub frames are allowed. Shock tower must be in factory location. Factory wheelbase must be maintained. (+ or – 1 inch)

ENGINE: Billet SB/BB blocks permitted/non-stock bore space SB entries permitted with 100 lb. weight penalty. Add 50 lbs. for Hemi or 481X entry over non-conventional head combo. BB block boosted limited to stock bore spacing. TURBOCHARGERS: Twin turbochargers limited to 88 mm maximum. (Garrett GTX55-88, Exile ETR-88, or = Forced Induction, Comp, Bullseye - mid frame or current PTE Gen II Pro Mod 88. Turbocharger size will be verified by measuring the housing bore at the leading edge of the impeller wheel and must maintain the contour of the compressor housing. (Stepped or Clipped compressor wheel prohibited) Inducer dimensions will not exceed 3.462 inches/88 mm and Exducer dimensions will not exceed 5.237 inches/133 mm on Pro Mod turbos. The maximum diameter of the housing bore at the leading edge of the wheel may not exceed 2 mm more than the maximum allowable turbocharger size permitted. Inserts or reducers to achieve inlet or outlet dimensions prohibited. Any type of air to air or water to air intercooler permitted.

SUPERCHARGERS: Cog or gear driven superchargers are permitted, must meet all factory inlet, outlet, and internal housing dimensions. Inserts or reducers to achieve inlet or outlet dimensions prohibited. Any type intercooler is permitted. Roots superchargers permitted. Centrifugal superchargers are permitted. Screw superchargers are not permitted.

NITROUS OXIDE: Small block and Big Blocks are permitted to run any type of multi-stage nitrous system.

TRANSMISSION: Any factory style automatic transmission allowed. Electric shifters or air shifters are permitted. Bruno-Lenco permitted.

INDUCTION: Small Block and Big Block combinations may run any type induction.

OILING SYSTEM: Dry sump oiling systems are permitted on all cars

EXHAUST: Mufflers or inserts are required on all cars except for turbo cars. Exhaust may exit underneath car or out the front fenders/valance but must not affect timing or staging beams.

FUEL: Gasoline or M1 only is permitted. M5 prohibited

STREET EQUIPMENT: Functional headlights and tail lights required.

SUSPENSION: Stock style / ladder bar / 4-link rear suspension cars permitted. Aftermarket direct replacement components such as: front control arms, rear control arms, front coil over shocks, and rear coil over shocks are permitted. Front suspension with strut conversion permitted on entries with rear stock type suspension ONLY. Aftermarket rack and pinion steering allowed. Rear leaf springs, springs, shocks, and coil-overs may be moved to accommodate tire clearance, and do not need to be mounted in stock location. Bolt-on or welded sub-frame connectors, rear sway bars, are permitted on all cars. Wheelie bars are prohibited on all cars.

TIRES: MT 275 Pro Radial (-100 lbs.) (Pro Bracket in 28 or 29 x 10 prohibited) MT 325/50 - 315/60 (Pro315 prohibited) - 295/65 or 295/55 DOT Radial tire only

• SB NOS – 2300
• BB NOS 4.84 /4.900- 2600 (max 10.3 deck height)
• BB NOS 5.00 - 2800 (includes 10.4 to 11.0 deck height stock bore space entries)
• BB NOS 5.2/5.3 – 2950
• SB SINGLE Turbo/Centrifugal or Roots Blower (14-71 max)- 2800
• SB TWIN Turbo - 2950 (Pro Mod 88 max)
• BB SINGLE Turbo/Blower - 3050 (118 mm/F3-139/Roots 14-71 max w/conventional head)
• BB SINGLE Turbo/Blower - 3150 (118 mm/F3-139/Roots 14-71 max w/non-conventional head)
• BB TWIN Turbo/Blower - 3250 (Pro Mod 88/F2 max w/conventional head)
• BB TWIN Turbo/Blower - 3300 (Pro Mod 88/F2 max w/non-conventional head)
If one combination appears to have an advantage rules may be changed at the race director’s discretion at ANYTIME in order to keep a level playing field for all competitors.