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TOPIC: Forum

Forum 4 years 5 months ago #1433

What seems to be wrong with the forum? In years past there was always a lot of activity. Now there seems to be a new post, only every week or so. Some questions dont get answered,observations and comments dont seem to be a consern. Mark White has a question over two months old. It would be nice just to see some interaction. I usually log on about once a week because there is nothing new. Get with it people. Stir it up. I'm tired of Yellow Bullit!
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Re: Forum 4 years 5 months ago #1434

Yep... I had asked last week when the indexes would be for Saturday and after numerous attempts to call the track finally on my own came to the conclusion that since it said Legendary Midnight Shootouts that it would be at the midnights so I hung around the house until in the night and got there to find out they were already running indexes with the Bracket Race and then again at the Midnites... It was really sad watching a guy in a 16 second tow vehicle take the 10.0 index money because noone knew there was even any index classes at the brackets and was the only vehicle entered... Easiest $125 I ever saw anyone make...

If the advertisement had been good and someone had answered my post on this forum this would not have happened because I would have came and entered both races instead of just the midnight part...

Somebody needs to monitor these forums and answer questions and or pick up the phone at the track...
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Re: Forum 4 years 5 months ago #1437

I did the same thing...got out there at 11:00 and they were calling index racers to the lanes....
Anywho ....waited around for the next race. They called big's and littles about a hundred times to the lanes and never mentioned the index classes and then they called the index classes but no lane info.....
There were similar problems at the last race.

Just a suggestion...make it easy on everyone and get a bit more organized. The flyers need to be concise as the call to lanes. Good night of racing despite those issues.
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Re: Forum 4 years 5 months ago #1445

Sorry for the miss communication about last weekend. I am making some changes in the way we monitor the fourm and update things. In the future if you do not get and answer on the fourm or calling the track please email me or messageme and i will get back with you.
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Re: Forum 4 years 5 months ago #1450

Keith and I have also notice the lack of post. However we still have the same amount of traffic on the site as before. What we think the deal is, we are using FB more now and now that you have ot post with your name alot of the BS post have stoped, and that is a good thing.

Keith and I are working on a few more things for the site just stay tuned. You will like them.

Tulsa Raceway Park
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