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TOPIC: Driving tips that you should know by now

Driving tips that you should know by now 4 years 1 month ago #2283

Don't pass away. Learn these driving suggestions and you also will appear to be a master of your own driving area. Are you in the market to sell or purchase a used or new auto? If this describes you, plan a test drive at Gus Johnson Ford. Want to know find out more about Gus Johnson Ford? Check out the inventory here.

Get the mirrors adjusted just right

Before you head out, this is simple to do. People are willing to invest in expensive safety radar systems on their automobiles due to blind spots that trigger accidents. The only problem is that you can actually avoid having a blind spot at all if you adjust the wing mirrors correctly. It is unnecessary to get the fancy gadgets if you simply know how you can change your side mirrors. You do not want to see your car at all, and then you will have it adjusted correctly.

Traffic more significant to watch

Make sure you are always watching the road instead of trying to determine what all the signs mean. As essential as signs are to directing traffic, studies have shown that roads without signs are really much better. When not looking at signs, drivers have more time to react to the vehicles around them and are more aware of the situations. Studies showed that intersections were safer without any signs or lights.

Music tempo impacts driving

A study conducted by Israeli researchers found that test subject drivers tended to get a more level heart rate when listening to music. This could seem like these motorists were calmer and would perform better on driving tests, but the truth is that in the presence of music, they were less focused on driving. Thus, they were more likely to run red lights. When the music was of a higher tempo (between 120 and 140 beats per minute), this issue was accentuated.

Car headlights in use all the time

There is a 32 percent decrease in the chance you will get in a crash if your car’s headlights are always on while you are driving. Motorists will search for the glare of headlights and not pull in front of you, and it also helps keep pedestrians and cyclists alert.

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Keep your automobile from rolling with a brake

The parking brake will not work in your car because they will rust if not used for long periods of time. This is why it is really significant to keep the emergency brake engaged regularly while you are stopped. You will protect your brake for future uses and shield your car from rolling on down.

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Blowout tires reaction

Your car will fishtail and possibly flip if you slam on the brakes during a tire blowout. This is the natural reaction, but it is essential not to do it. Keep your automobile on a straight line to keep control and hit the gasoline firmly for a couple of seconds. Turn to the blown tire and the car will slow on its own.


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Re: Driving tips that you should know by now 4 years 1 month ago #2286

And for people who dont care!
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