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TOPIC: Still no badboy pass, now no payout??

Re: Still no badboy pass, now no payout?? 4 years 4 months ago #1886

I didn't say you guys haven't made an effort to promote the midnights Todd. Just seems like when we come up with suggestions they aren't really considered too much. If I'm wrong then I apologize. As far as a list of racers to pay, what would be the criteria for being considered? I know my buddy Stephen Plunkett in the gray turbo mustang coupe was also wanting the bad boy pass for this year. I think he would be someone to be considered. An 8 second turbo car that's doesn't have a fancy paint job would be cool to see at the midnights. And for bikes, I know that Tulsa will never be as big on bikes as the south. But there are some fast ones around. Kenwone has arguably the fastest street bikes around and a race bike. Eric Gross looks like he's getting his bike lined out. Ben gartner, Eric Banks, and several more are ones that have fast bikes but don't usually go to the midnights. And i would disagree on it being easy to put a stock 1k in the 9's. There are several that come and don't get it into the 9s. I just made my first 8 sec pass last saturday at the midnights, and it hasn't come easy. Time and money! I'm not trying to bash you guys at all. I support the track. If you are there regularly for TNT and the midnights then I'm sure you have seen me there many times. I just would like to get faster cars and more people in the stands. It just aggravates me when suggestions seem like they are not considered. Again, if I'm wrong then I apologize. I just want to help.
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