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TOPIC: buy back for 2014

Re: buy back for 2014 1 year ago #3561

Would someone please explain why "Re-entry" is better than "buyback". Seems to me that running a separate round for Re-entrys will add time to the program and also add extra work for the staff in the tower. Usually simple is better.

I would like to see some 1/4 mile bracket racing. I went to Wichita last season for the sole reason of racing 1/4 mile. Loved it and am gonna go there more next season.

Re: buy back for 2014 1 year ago #3562


Most tracks have the buy back/ Re Entery run each other second round. Just the way we are looking at doing it. I do not see it adding much time if any to the program. We will be moving tisngs around so it does not slow the show.

We will be doing some 1/4 Index racing in 2014 Hope you Join us.
Tulsa Raceway Park

Re: buy back for 2014 1 year ago #3563

Hi Todd,
How will the card system work with a lane for buy backs only? The random card system is one of the things I like most about TRP...ie...NO counting cars and trying to run someone that you might think is a duck...LOL

Re: buy back for 2014 1 year ago #3571

yeah me being the duck I don't like getting picked on. the buy backs running buy backs to get into rd. 2 takes more time. Why not just keep it simple? Only time I have ever seen a re entry round was at big money stuff and I doubt you guys have another one of them unless you bring back the 20k's and guarantee the payout. Leave it like it is

Re: buy back for 2014 1 year ago #3573

I race at other tracks than TRP and I have not seen the buy backs race each other in round 2 however I have heard of it...just seems that there would be bigger fish to fry than worrying about this issue...no one has explained what this does for the program???? I would rather we try to find a way to fix the BIG hole in the return road that tears diapers off of cars...You can dodge in the day but its hard to see a night...
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Re: buy back for 2014 1 year ago #3575

sure like that jon that sounds real good gamblers race at 3rd or 4th would keep our wheels turning
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