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TOPIC: idea for this weekend

idea for this weekend 3 years 8 months ago #3079

since there is no bracket race this weekend, how about a index rcae ..12.00--13.00-14.00 class, with a gamblers race for no e and xxx class..index class could be entry 40.00 bucks with winner to get a 3 foot trophy plus free entry to regular bracket race or 50 bucks..something simple, tons and tons of 12--14 sec cars around
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Re: idea for this weekend 3 years 8 months ago #3090

I see you have the price setup and everything. I like to get to the track as much as anyone, but look at it from their side.

Ok lets see if 50 cars show up. Thats $2000. They might make $500 at the concession stand as many bring their own drinks and eats. As a ex businessman I can see the costs being overrun real quick. Lets say they have 12 employees who work a minimum of 6 hours and about 5 who work about 10 hours.Lets say they work for $10 an hour. Thats a bit over minimum wage. Thats $920 just in labor. And that does not count the stuff they have to pay the government to just have employees like taxes and social security.. Add to that the cost of insurance, food, equipment, NHRA membership, licenses, power, gas, upkeep, etc and I can see them making less than 2 or 3 hundred for the race. Would you?
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Re: idea for this weekend 3 years 8 months ago #3091

Income being overrun, not costs being overrun
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