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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 7 months ago #3016

Trophy was $30 and is now at $20. Same thing for all the classes. You don't get the price of getting g in taken off again at Tech booth. I guess that is why everyone tries to hand me their tickets. By the way. This is Bonnie

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 7 months ago #3017

robin great comment inviting racers back by phone calls ive seen this work well when a bit of personal appreciation and ivataion is used getting car counts are paramount however the event time is very important its not good to be at your bracket pionts race and be there 12 hours and get through say 4-to 5 rounds even with the program moving at a resonable pace i would like to see some races that start earlier say jr dragster say 10 am and 9.50 index motorcycle so on Then bring in the bracket racers at a later time i think weve done this before ?? then start a sportsman lane pay 10.00 winner get it all like lane 10 only and give flires to ones buying as spectaters so they can under stand bracket racing and understand the fun they can have, maybe introduce this at the midnights bring those to the bracket daytime races

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 7 months ago #3018

Bonnie i dont see the advantage of two lines makes it a little more headach we have two ports of intry at the gates and it makes me pay twice or when i buy back three times

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 7 months ago #3022

I see what you mean now still don't make sense to drive the same distance it is to another track and pay $12 more and race for a lot less

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 7 months ago #3023

[quote="Todd Martin" post=2963]Ok I am Taking close note on all the thread on this topic.
I can put some of them to sleep right now.

2, Points, We pay for a service and we expect them to provide this service. They had a major issue with thier server and Jimmy shut our system down in the middel of a race due to weather. This is what messed the points up. I do not see an issue from here on out on getting you points by the end of race. It is in the racers bets intrest ot make sure the points are correct befor the enxt race.

Todd, look at your first sentence and look at as if a points racer said it. They pay for a service (keeping track of points in a timely and accurate manner) and expect TRP to provide this service. It does not matter to them how that service is provided, just that it is provided. If the method TRP uses to get the job done (1320) is not getting it done, then TRP is obligated to find another way.

Really liked the way Sunday's race was run and saw some things that were very encouraging for the future. Most of all, I saw a bunch of racers having a good time.

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 7 months ago #3024

I did i had a good time sunday even going only two rounds and being sick at the same time we haveto remember Youve got to to brake afew eggs to make an omlet and i see that we are on a ajustment curve and i see progress and whats wronge with that we will live through the changes
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