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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2994

is trophy class always 32.00 to enter...and this waiting in line to get a tech car is crap..whats wrong with getting card at the gate
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2997

I want to put my .02 cents in....but Im not a racer so my opinion probably doesn't matter...I might be the only spectator that's on the forum. Theres so many issues brought up and its IMPOSSIBLE to do every little thing that was suggested and im sure theres many more ideas out there and lets be honest...everyone who has commented obviously likes the track otherwise you wouldn't take the time to comment. I agree on some of the points entirely...communication kinda sucks at times, I try to relay info on the facebook page to some of the "whiney" spectators "why cant stuff be free'er then free" but I don't know the info and completely ignorant on 99% of questions racers ask. I think any questions should be answered within 24 hour on fb and if its less then 48 hours before a race it should be answered sooner but I know you guys can't post someone on a computer just answering questions but at least have someone check it daily. I would also ask racers to call the track or manager if the question is important. Also racers you guys are the ambassadors of YOUR sport ...I really hate it when I see complain after complaint from racers I know race at the track on fb...that makes spectators think the track doesn't know what its doing. I would think more face to face communication would fix things a lot faster then posting stuff online, hence why there really should be a driver/track management meeting...to get ideas out there, and to be used as a complain, kudos, brain storming session. Hopefully at least a few more bracket racers will be born from the midnights races, I like the idea of the new bracket racers program that was suggested. We need more butts in the stands.....TRP you guys have a race almost EVERY single weekend....buttcrack early on Monday we/you/racers/anyone should be promoting the next race for the entire week (not just for the HUGE races)....Its kinda depressing being in a empty grandstand....More butts on that metal more money for the winnings yes? no? We need more classes...I agree with that ...I don't care what the classes are as long as its diverse I don't like to see the same car in 5 classes ...well unless that car does really badass wheel stands....I also think any car that gets taken out early should be able to do tnt passes once you get later in the day ...you have a little bit of downtime there anyway espically when it comes to semi finals and finals ....gotta keep the action going whether it be with grudge racing or tnt passes ....But with that said ...im rambling my ass off ...Todays race was really well run and I enjoyed it like always. This track with the ownership is a diamond in the dirt.....its dirty but its still a freakin diamond...just needs a washin......
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2999

I will say today's race went great. I noticed some of the things that have been brought up in the thread be done today. One suggestion I have would be to post the pictures of the winners circle each week on the main page.
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #3004

Thank all of you that came out and Raced this weekend, even if it was on a different day. We are taking the input and applying it were we can. Thanks to everyone for keeping it on a positive side.

John, just get use to it we are not changing it back, Sorry

Brandon, C Express always has the photos up a few days after the race in the Photos section. We just do not have the man power to post every photo ever week of the winners.

William, Boy I can t even start to address everything, lol. No really, Thank you for your support. We do try to answer the FB and Wed site questions as soon as we can. You have to remember also there are thousands of you and only 4 of us that do this and 2 of the 4 of us have other Job's. If you look around I don’t think another track within 500 miles of TRP puts out as much info as we do. Secondly, sometimes we don’t answer question because we already have and some are just too lazy to look or read a tad further in the post or on the Website.

I did talk with David Saturday and we are working on a few more things to come for the brackets. So stay tuned in.

Thanks again for all of your positive input.

Tulsa Raceway Park
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #3005

Hi John, This is Bonnie not Randy first off. I will try to explain why we have changed this way of selling tech cards. NHRA requires a signature from all that are going to be on the starting line. It's called a waiver of liability. By changing the way you enter the track we eliminate the signature of all the spectators. We would have to have two to three people out front with clip boards having all sign the waiver like before. This caused everyone to have to wait and that has changed.
Selling to the racer and having them sign the waver when they get a tech card has speeded up the process. For the family and crew that are going to accomany the racer there is a waver for them to sign and get a free crew band to prove they have signed the waver. Also when we have a race that requires a fee for them to go to the finish line they will have a band to get pasted the guard.
Believe me when I say I wasn't wanting this change but not trying it I had no reason not to try. I have found that waiting in line with other racers has been fun for most. I gives them a chance to communicate with their fellow racers and for most that is part of the sport. Talking about what they did to their cars and why and meeting new racers is part of the sport. You and everyother racer wants an answer to their question and sometimes I am the last one to ask before paying for that tech card. I take every question seriously and sometimes I have to call and find out what the answer is before I sell another card. You might see me calling David Woods, Jimmy Boles or Randy Hale and asking a question about this paticular race before I sell you guys the wrong card. It saves you and me a lot of time and problems at closing.
We want new racers and with that comes pasience. They have questions. I have an answer for you if you ask if I don't I will get the right one if possible. Hope this has answered some of yours. Come talk to me I will be in the Tech Booth during the entire race. Bonnie
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #3006

I for one have to say I prefer the new way of paying. I don't have to wait in line outside the gate, I can go pay for my tech card at my convenience and as Bonnie said it's more of a social event than just waiting in line. Before if someone had a car full of people you would sit forever waiting for them to sign in. The flow getting in the gate has been great and I wish I had said so sooner. Plus Bonnie is really great to talk to.

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