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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2968

Thanks Stephen, We need everyones support.
Tulsa Raceway Park

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2969

OK Todd here we go. Why should you listen to me since I'm not in your points? Well, I have been drag racing since the 1960's. I am a businessman and have been since I dropped out of college at the age of 21 to open my first business in 1972. I have raced points at Mid America, Thunder Valley, and yes even Tulsa (several times). I was the No/E track champion at Tulsa in 2007. I have raced at Tulsa hundreds of times, most of which I was not entered in the points. I love drag racing and want Tulsa to have a successful bracket program. I have lots of experience and good judgement, at least most of the time. The wise man listens to wise council, whether they are in your points or not.

FREE FREE FREE. Let's talk about free. This is my business experience speaking here. I suggested that you give some free entries to the bracket races at T&T. The entry would be for the beginners class. For the most part, the T&T guys aren't going to enter a bracket race so it's not like you are giving them something they were going to buy anyway. If you give them a free entry and they actually come to a bracket race and try it out, some % would have fun and decide to come again and BUY an entry. Hopefully even again and again and again. That's money you would not have had if not for the free entry, and it costs you nothing. Combine this with Randall's beginner class for a period of time and guess what--you have some new paying customers.
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2970

hi todd... ive been racing at your track for the last 3 years... been a spectaiter for 8 years... i am not good enough to race for points .. as you have sugested... the only way to get better is to race... i'm doing that...i realise that your point team is very good... is there more than 30 on your team? ... i would love to race for you... but i'm not that good yet... so why can't the rest of us who wan't 1/4 mile have a say so too?maybe i am wrong to voice my openion... i'm just 1 low dollar racer.... thanks for your time... caveman

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2971

sorry ... forgot to mention i could not care less if you pay any money in bracket racing... i would be satisfied with a trophy... what seems to me ... what people want.... is more pay out... i just want to race... just for the thrill of it i didn't start racing to make money... just have fun..... thanks again ...caveman
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2972

Well Mike, I do disagree with you and Todd concerning fuel cost. It's a factor, a big one. If a person can have fun close to home for a fraction of what it cost to go racing. Especially a racer with a family on a budget. That's what they're gonna do. Not everyone has the same budget as you Mike, or definitely you Todd. We can agree to disagree tho, and see how it all turns out. No one will say it because it's a touchy subject, but I will. Walk around the pits at most local track's and ask folk's to come to TRP, and you'll learn something. Most racers don't like Todd. Folk's have seen his rants about Bracket racers. He asked for 20 happy racers. Well, that's what he has. He needs to pucker up and kiss some major booty, and do some PR work. I won't hold my breath.
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2973

Todd Martin wrote:
Ok I am Taking close note on all the thread on this topic.

4,As far as David Woods, he is not a computer guy. But I have been to both of the Bracket races and seen him standing at the front of the staging lanes speaking to just about everyone.

Maybe since their is only one of him and many of you. You should take time out to go say Hello and meet him. This is a two way street.

I'm not sure I agree with the last sentence. I will search him out because I want this to be a growing program as it benefits both you and I. I don't, however, believe that this is the way to make people feel welcomed.

7, I feel and it may be wrong, I have been wrong before, if you are not running points you don't have a dog in this fight. The ones that support the track all the time, run points are the ones I listen to the most. Not sure I would have added this even if you think it.

Now have at me, Todd

It's appreciated to have a discussion though.

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