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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2937

Are the Test-n-Tunes during the brackets 1/8th or 1/4???

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2938

Lots of issues here, not an easy fix, and a problem at many other places besides TRP. How do you keep the racers you have, and how do you cultivate new racers? Well, with all due respect, here goes.

1. TRP is a business with a product to sell. Racers are the customers. If the customers are treated with respect and like what they purchased, they will be back to buy more.

2 .People post questions all the time on this forum and are ignored, or at least that's the way they perceive it. If one person asks a question, chances are that several others are wanting to know the same thing. The lack of communication makes them feel disrespected and they get frustrated and downright pissed, and it doesn't make them real inclined to give their $ to TRP. Perception is reality.

3. Points not kept up to date in a timely manner or not accurate discourages racers from entering the points, or in some cases discourages them from showing up for all the points races. It hurts the track's credibility.

4. This one is could be argued either way, but I think most purses are too top-heavy. I think spreading the money farther back means more people leave the track with at least a little $ in their pocket, and that means more people are happy campers and are more likely to come back.

5. I'm from out of town so my take on this one is a little different than you locals, but if the driving distance was about the same would you rather pay $57 to race for $500 or $40 to race for $750?

6. I also like the idea of a 2nd chance race or a Quick 16. I also beg you to figure out a way for me to be able to race 1/4 mile again. I'm going to have to go to Wichita to race when there's a great 1/4 mile track unused in Tulsa.

7. Randall's new racer education deal worked. Do it again.

8.Give out a few free entries to the bracket races at the T&T on a regular basis. What would that hurt? Might get some new folks hooked.

9. Add a sportsman class that runs for a small purse.

10. Figure out a way to make a true beginners class work. Or a street class. Or a street import-only class. Do whatever it takes to get some new people to come out.

We all want the same thing---a successful well-run bracket program.

That's all for now.
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2939

  • Wade Metzinger
  • Computers are for geeks, throw them out and drive!
TNT is 1/4 mile
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2944

Lots of well written posts here. Hope Todd and Keith take some of this to the brainstorming session and try some of them.One thing I do have to add is it does not matter to me if we have 1/4 or 1/8th mile racing. I would rather have 1/8th because if you go anywhere else it is 1/8th. Maybe some of these guys like big speed, but I like races which are easier on the car.

I really wanted to run points this year. But being an out of towner and a person who is retired just didn't seem to make sense. If there was any way you could get the price of Diesel down it sure would help. $120 worth of Diesel and entry will keep a lot of people away.

BTW I did see one thing that sorta took my breath away when I was there. I went to the concession stand and bought a cheeseburger. I only did that once. I for sure will never buy ice there! Even with $3.84 diesel it's cheaper to go somewhere else.

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2945

I know fuel cost is high, but you would be spending money on fuel whether it was towing a boat to the lake to fish or pulling a travel trailer to go camping.
Racing is still a hobby, just like fishing, hunting, camping, boating or any other outdoor recreation.
People still do it, regaurdless of fuel cost.
I don't like the cost of fuel either, but its a cop out to blame it for not racing.
It is just a part of doing any outdoor hobby, I have a choice, either buy it or stay at home.
With that being said, it would make the cost of buying fuel easier to swallow, if I was getting good value out of my hobby, no matter what it is.

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 1 year, 9 months ago #2946

How anyone could say that racer's are "copping out" because of tow fuel cost, is beyond me. It's the single biggest expense to go racing these day's. In fact, that statement rates as the single dumbest thing ever said, anywhere. And it's the 2nd time it's been said by Mike. In case you haven't noticed Mike. People aren't going to the lake, camping, fishing, or whatever, like they used to. Because a lot of them can't afford to since everything cost more to do. There are many racers on this very thread, saying that in fact, tow fuel cost is a factor. As an example, It cost me a minimum of $200, to go racing, anywhere. $100 min, is tow fuel. There are many lake's within 5 mile's of me. Probably cost $20 buck's to get to any of them. If I'm driving the big block truck. Last weekend, I rode the Goldwing 1150 mile's. I spent $130 on fuel for the whole weekend. Doing any of those things you mentioned cost me a fraction of what racing does. And I can afford to race whenever I want to. So back off of your high horse and judging other's, and their situation's that you know nothing about.
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