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BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2913

Is Bracket Racing dead in Tulsa?
Despite whether you like TRP management or not, where have all the Racers gone to?
I have been coming to TRP since 1977.
I raced in a points catagory from 1980 to 1995 & now with my son from 2006 to present.
Over the years, I have always seen turmoil with Track ownership & management in one form or another. Nothing new about this.
Even with the complaints though, car counts were always there, no matter who was in charge.
I don't know if the blame goes to the economy, no new blood, or lack of interest. Maybe all.
This is why I asked if Bracket Racing is dead in Tulsa.
OKC & Mokan seem to be doing well with Bracket Racers.
TVRP No-E points entry - 32 / TRP - 11 entries
TVRP Quick No - E entry points - 22 / Not offered at TRP

TVRP S/Pro points entries - 40 / TRP - 18 entries
TVRP Quick open wheel entries - 20 / not offered at TRP

This is just an example, not trying to point fingers.
My point is, no matter the problems with TRP, we just don't seem to have amount of Bracket racers in the Tulsa area that we used to. :(
Any thoughts?
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2914

my 2 cents is that a trophy class instead of sportsman hurts a little bit, and i must say that the long event times are a problem! i like all of the staff at TRP, not a nicer bunch out there. i dont like the lack of action twards fixing this points situation, whatever this problem is surely it has a soulition? i know this isn't why regular racers arn't showing up but if you want "new" racers and other tracks let them race for money and we dont! i'm just saying
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2915

I retract the points comment, just saw they were current. thank you
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2916

Good Question, Keith, Jimmy, David and I would all like to know also. We truly do not know what much more we can do. We have David W. now everyone said they loved him and he would bring bracket racing back to TRP. Well he has only had two races so we cant judge him on that. TRP signs up so the bracket reacer can get parts, product and money from the Contingency connection. They have been late getting the stuff to TRP. It is now here and Jimmy and David are working on it as we speak. We can market the races some more but bracket races do not bring in specators, only a few more racers. We all truly at TRP want the Bracket program to be a success, so lets hear some of your positive ideas and we will see if we can use them. It is sad to say we have more at a TNT and Midnight than a bracket racers.
Tulsa Raceway Park
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Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2918

It's not dead yet Mike. But it is on life support. It's definitely not just TRP,and it's not just Bracket racing. Just the other day I saw where my old home track where I first raced (Jackson Dragway) was in trouble. Growing up in Tenn, there was at least 1 hot rod at every house. And everyone took-em to the track. Car-count's were never a problem, space to put everyone was the biggest deal. Everything you mentioned is a factor. It goes further than racing too! Folk's can't afford to have a love affair with their cars these day's. Now, it takes $200 to ride around all weekend where it used to take $20. Plus, any car worthy of a love affair now day's cost more than most houses used to. So after making the payment, theres not much left. Tulsa, used to have a big following of out-of-towners. Now, people really watch their money. They're looking for the best bang for their buck. Like any business, you have to be competitive in the market. Seem's like TRP is struggling in that dept. A couple of thing's that stand out at the Kan, & TVRP, those guy's absolutely love Bracket racing. And they bust their butt's to make it a good experience for all. It's probably fair to say that current TRP management doesn't feel the same way. Honestly, they haven't really had a reason to think otherwise from a business stand point. But you can't just want it, and it be that way. You have to make it happen. I hope things get better, but until people have some money in their pockets. It's gonna be a hard road to hoe! Tracks have to make you want to come and race with them. When money is flowing freely, that's not a problem. When it's not, it's much more diffficult.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Jon Hollis

Re: BRACKET RACING DEAD? 3 years 8 months ago #2919

jeff nice post as usual you always have some good points. comparing Tulsa to other tracks is very difficult. Tulsa by far has the best racing surface but i don't think that matters with some bracket racers. and it does cost Tulsa more to put on a race than lets say mokan. so yes mokan can pay better and keep the entry fee's down. my main point and i have made it TONS of times is getting new blood into the bracket program. teach the midniters and tnt guys how to bracket race and make it fun. invent a fun entry level cheap class that gives a thropy and entry fee to XXX something away so they come back.
i believe Tulsa manangement have some very good idea's but most of the time there is no follow thru and therefore people get upset. :( . the contingencies program is VERY exciting and i would love to see that being promoted, BIG. i know other events bring in way more money to the track but just think how empty it would be without bracket racing at TRP.
i know we used to get quite alot of specators at the brackets when the free tickets were given out. the concession was busy and it had a more "fun" feeling. there has to be a win win way to get people back out to the track. maybe just some good old fashion phone calls or emails inviting bracket racers back. :cheer:
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