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TOPIC: Points

Re: Points 3 years 9 months ago #2761

Doug Parham wrote:
I don't have a dog in this hunt !!! But why can't someone respond to Dennis and Bernie's questions. Just asking??
Because it has nothing to do with the XDRL. Was at TVRP racing yesterday, I sucked, but that's another story. Spoke with several racers, and asked if they were coming to Tulsa next weekend. Every single person asked, said the same thing. " If you don't have a 100k car, no reason to go to TRP".
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Re: Points 3 years 9 months ago #2772

Hey Jeff i don't really think you sucked maybe the people you raced just had a little better luck! wish we could have gone but my crew chief was extreamly tied up. but thats another story. :)
i'm sure sorry racers think they have to have a 100k car to come to tulsa. i know TRP doesn't always do things the best for the bracket racer but i have to say at least we do have a great track in tulsa. i'm very close to the track so it doesn't always pay for us to go out of town. We do love to travel but at this time we really can't. TRP is not going to always be here and we will have to before long (or ride the bike more) Any sugestions on what can be done to get some cars coming back to TRP? I know the first could be to get the points posted or at least somebody answer the question. Where is our Bracket Manager?? I know there is a divisional in Dallas this weekend so that will take some racers away but i hope we have a good turn out!
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Re: Points 3 years 9 months ago #2773

Thank's for the word's of encouragment Robin. But in truth, I wouldn't have sucked any more if I were a vacuum cleaner. Rust is a biotch! That and TVRP has a bunch of great racers. Gonna be tough getting car's to TRP. It's mostly the money IMO. Travel expense, and the purse. TRP isn't doing themselves any favors with the purse structure for the race this weekend either. This same race last year was pro-rated according to car count. This year it's been said the if the count isn't met. The purse will be cut in half. No-one is gonna double enter to race for a grand. And there won't be 50 cars without double entries. TVRP has figured out that you have to spend money, to make money. Larry & Nick are showing that they're worth every penny. There were just under 50 cars in No-e, 24 in No-e quick alone. More than that in S/pro. And they got that track working better than ever. They started a 2, ran 5 classes, and was still done before midnight. TRP is still the Cadillac of track's in the area. And if it were in my back yard, I'd be there alot too! TRP only has so many local's, so for car count you have to rely on traveling racers. And they won't come when everyone else around pays more money.
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Re: Points 3 years 9 months ago #2776

I couldn't of said it better myself. I've said all along that our payout structure is not favorable for out of town racers. It cost us $32 to run trophy here at TRP, at TVRP for $40 you can run for $750. With fuel cost and entry being high and payouts low compared to all the other tracks around, we will not draw out of town racers. It just won't happen.
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Re: Points 3 years 9 months ago #2777

Parker I said the exact same thing 2 weeks ago and the thread was deleted. You being the champ surely you can get Todd and kieth to listen to your input. :)
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Re: Points 3 years 9 months ago #2778

I wish it was that way but sadly we can't even get a reply from either one of them on this topic.
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