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TOPIC: Points

Re: Points 1 year ago #2788

i thought 1320 was suposed to do all this stuff. u can see the results almost live . id think it could calculate the points also

Re: Points 1 year ago #2789

WOW you guys have wrapped this up very well. i really can't be a one man cheering section for TRP. David Woods is the Bracket racing director and he should be on this forum and helping the bracket program. not sure what is going on.
i sure understand what everybody is saying don't want boost up the entry fee and then cut the purse to nothing, might as well left it the way it was for a normal bracket race. really really makes me sad!
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Re: Points 1 year ago #2796

im with u robin .......i love our track, its the best track ive been to . and i do all i can to support it . i made every points race last year. and im going to try to make them all this year. but im not happy about $275 entry fee for the week end . im in this for the seasons points . this 2 day race thing consumes the whole week end , and most of my paycheck its gona be a $500 week end with fuel food and all if nothing brakes .
last year there was nothing wrong with the way it was run. i have not met mr woods yet. im sure he is doing all he can to make our track better.but its not gona happpen over night or with the snap of a finger . we have to keep supporting our track . but the points thing is bothersome . ithought thats why we went to the 1320 live deal.
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Re: Points 1 year ago #2797

I think buy backs throw a kink in a computer figuring points.
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Re: Points 1 year ago #2808

Should be up in a few day's they had server problems.

Re: Points 1 year ago #2813

Mokan points posted 1 day after the race........without "they".
TVRP points posted 3 days after....................without "they".
KID points posted 4 days after.....................without "they".
TRP no points, 19 days and counting...........with "they".

"They" while state of the art, SUCK, compared to them, keeping points.
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