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TOPIC: sportsman class

Re: sportsman class 3 years 10 months ago #2648

jimmydenham wrote:
can you tell me what other tracks have this program. :angry: :angry: :angry:
Not a single one on planet earth. Surely this is being misunderstood! A TNT lane is a great idea at the Bracket's. It lets folk's who don't normally see it, be introduced to it. To allow a driver to TNT while still in competition is way beyond STUPID! Several track's have instituted a new rule in the Sportsman/Trophy class. Saying you can't run another class if you run sportsman/trophy. It's about time! It will keep the guy's who use trophy as their own tnt class, from doing so. If you want to run 2 classes, put your big boy pant's on.
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Re: sportsman class 3 years 10 months ago #2649

Hmm wher have i heard that comment before?
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Re: sportsman class 3 years 10 months ago #2652

Wade Metzinger wrote:
Sallisaw ran this way but I never noticed anyone racing in a class and test-n-tune.

I don't plan on running in it and I doubt many will, I think your making a bigger deal out of this than it is. It's a way for the brackets to make more money and it would give more time for double entries.
just asking, but is,t sallisaw closed? dint the woods run that program..
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Re: sportsman class 3 years 10 months ago #2653

I found out that this was just a big misunderstanding. They will have TNT but if you are still in competition you are not allowed to TNT. Which is the way it should be. Oh and I fully agree Jeff.
Go Hard or Go Home
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Re: sportsman class 3 years 10 months ago #2654

johndickjr wrote:
Wade Metzinger wrote:
just asking, but is,t sallisaw closed? dint the woods run that program..

From what I've heard and read Sallisaw won't be open. Woods family didn't run it last year.
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Re: sportsman class 3 years 10 months ago #2655

Yep-The Woods family did operate the Sallisaw track until the last two seasons. The track is currently closed. However, neither of those facts have anything to do with what appears to be a miscommunication-TRP class racers being allowed to TNT during competition rounds. Which I agree would be an idiotic thing to do. For more than one reason.
Not a nasty rant forming, peeps. Just felt the need to point out some things.
Only do that once or twice a year. So, when I ante up my 20,000 cents, it can take a while! I love bracket racing enough to do this. You can scroll right on past if you're in a hurry ;) But I speak the truth.
Since it's been brought up, it's true that during Woods management of Sallisaw TNT was ran in between rounds. Drivers in eliminations were not to TNT.
It's also true that some drivers who initially ran TNT eventually competed in No-E, Sportsman and even Super Pro. That's a good thing for our sport.
This isn't a "this track did this, another track should do the same" kind of post. Not my point. With that said, providing TNT at a Sallisaw bracket race gave folks the chance to get more seat time in their car.
Another truth: TNTers bring spectators with them. I call those good things.
It's obvious that every local track needs more spectators. Even national events could use more spectators. With tracks closing across the country or cutting their bracket programs, it's essential for TRP to garner all the financial support it can get. Not just to offer decent payouts but to open the gates for bracket racing, period. That's another important reason to include TNT.
TNT brings more cars to the track, more spectator admission venue, greater concession sales, and the more people who are drawn to watch a TNTer may be drawn to TNT themselves. People driving by the track see more cars & more people. More people are more tempted to check it out.
Besides once the gate opens for a race the track pays insurance on the day's event. Track personnel are already on hand. Getting the maximum benefit out of both expenses is a smart thing. So, really, running TNT at a bracket race is a benefit for everyone.
Doing so at again, Sallisaw did not "slow down" the bracket program. Most who have raced or went to that track more than once a year can attest to the fact that David Woods, TRP's new bracket manager, had a goal to have cars going down the track. That's what spectators came to see, after all. And he wasn't one to "drag out" a race unnecessarily. People didn't stand around asking one another, "What's the hold up now?" No doubt, TNT allowed cars a chance to cool down & to get ready for the next round or for a second class the driver entered. But drivers didn't complain about TNT.
Some have recently said the same thing about TRP as others said about Sallisaw-they were happy to have a place to race. Don't most drivers want a place to race that appreciates bracket racers & strives to offer good purses?/?? One doesn't have to agree with every decision track management makes. On the other hand, one doesn't have to gripe about every decision either. Common sense says that addressing legitimate concerns or questions is something any good track manager should do/does do. However, listening to the same old bitch from the same people or dealing with people who'd rather nitpick or be wise asses is a waste of everyone's time. No finger pointing, just sayin..
Reasonable racers can yield reasonable managers.
IF bracket racers are truly worried that TNT will substantially delay their rounds and that's what would make racing at TRP a negative experience, there are other issues at work. Besides them not giving a hoot what's best for the track. Issues unrelated to TNT. But likely from experience with a less-than-warp speed program. REGARDLESS of whether the track used an 1/8th or a 1/4 mile of it's surface in the program!
One might take a good look around to find a drag strip located nearby with a better racing surface. Or list how many run 1/4 mile on a regular basis :woohoo: Before saying either, a person could remind themselves to mull over the idea that maybe TRP is attempting to address some old issues. Possibly even to avoid new ones. It's reasonable to consider their efforts to strengthen the bracket program by hiring a guy who is very familiar with bracket racing. A guy who bracket raced for many years. Yep-he's my brother. Doesn't make what I say any less true.
Wouldn't hurt to think on the purse structure and the contingency program for this year as well.
**So, let's all put our big boy pants on, Gordon Laster :), test how things go AS they go, & tune into another fine season of the hardest-to-explain-to-the-average-Joe but the most excellent kind of drag racing. This eternally long message has been approved by Kellie Woods White**
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