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TOPIC: Points

Re: Points 2 years ago #1650

Todd tell us something ? Are we working on this or what inquiring minds want to know!!! Doug

Re: Points 2 years ago #1651

Hello all if you have any issues with points there is a link at the bottom to send in issues. This is the link to send it in to Tulsa Raceway Park Points

Re: Points 2 years ago #1652

Don't know the diferance is email verse post but I sent one. We all just want it right bracket racers live for points

Re: Points 2 years ago #1653

Just my 2 cents...I have been at TRP the last 3 races...went to semis...at the last one...the points show I have not been there since 4-1....I have called twice....not a big deal to me but I would at least like to be counted if I entered the points...

Re: Points 2 years ago #1655

Everyone i am emailing with Kay fair at 1320 and working on getting this worked out. I will personly stay on this and try to get answers. Hopefully we can this worked out soon.

Re: Points 2 years ago #1656

mine are off also, i emailed ginger to find out she no longer works there . and she said she could not help me . so this is the second time i have posted on the subject . im sure its a mountain of paper work to go through. thanks for keeping the track open , i apreciate that ALOT ......
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