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TOPIC: possible event for next year?

possible event for next year? 2 years, 7 months ago #1297

okay so... yeah i'm a 4cyl guy so if you would rather dog on me than help bring more money and racers to TRP then please don't post, i am open to suggestions though. Management if this is something you're interested let me know and i will make a topic over there to gain interest. looking at this years schedule there isn't anything the weekend of august 17, 18, 19. so perhaps next year that may be around when to do it.

we're just shy of 60,000 members over on cobaltss.net and every year there is an event up in Illinios known as the Crate Engine Depot meet. with the attendence of 200 cars or so each year and 5-10 cobalt specific sponsors. i feel its such a low turn out because not everyone can travel across country just to hang out with other car owners. there is an autoX and drag racing event but theres no competition, theres no rivalries, theres no top notch 9 or 10 second cars that come out. i think if TRP hosts an even for us thats geared soley towards drag racing, not meets and going out to dinner and standing around your car, you can get a turn out big enough to make it a yearly event that draws people from all over the south central and even further. what if i told you i can bring you two cobalts that ran 9s, a few in the 10s, and possibly one that has been 8s?

right now i'm thinking of 4 classes. and a friday-saturday event(not only would a 2day event bring more money to TRP but also more money to owasso with hotels, food, fuel, etc). friday qualifying and saturday eliminations. the classes i'm thinking of are an all out run what ya brung open heads up class. a 12.00 index and 13.50 index. and then an open bracket class for the guys who can't compete in the indexs.

I feel with enough planning, advertising, and input from the forum we can make this into a very big event. maybe even open it up to other gm fwd only cars, 3800's, cavaliers, and others. let me know what you think i'd love to get something going and bring more racing to the track

Re: possible event for next year? 2 years, 7 months ago #1298

Tulsa has a race like that..its called import face off..it was last week

Re: possible event for next year? 2 years, 7 months ago #1299

i understand that. but thats just not our scene. we don't consider ourselves "imports" they're all "jdm yo" and wide wheels low offsets and fender flares, sticker bombed hoods and cf everywhere. its just not us... and hey if i can gain enough interest and theres some free weekends on the schedule..why not give it a shot.
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Re: possible event for next year? 2 years, 7 months ago #1329

I think it is a great idea, you need to send a e-mail directly to the track management, get a few pictures of cars and other Cobalt owners as well to write them
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Re: possible event for next year? 2 years, 7 months ago #1330

60,000 member on cobalt forum..i did not know GM sold that many cars..lol..to each his own..seen a few that where ok...but wanting to have a race just for cobalt..na..its a import type car...Gm has super chevy ..ford has the Shelby meet...and dodge has the mopar at the track day...that would be like having just a mustang day or a camaro day..

Re: possible event for next year? 2 years, 7 months ago #1333

i didn't even think of the super chevy
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