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How are the Midnights run now?
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TOPIC: How are the Midnights run now?

How are the Midnights run now? 2 years, 2 months ago #1449

How are the Midnight drags run now? I took my car on June 2nd and at that time there were no ET slips and there were grudge lanes, street lanes, and a call out lane. I really enjoyed it as I sat in the callout lane until the track found me races. No time clocks all night.
I went this last weekend to the Midnight Shootout and it looked like the whole format had changed and they had several time lanes with the clocks on and a couple of "No Time" lanes and they were not arranging races... etc... Has the format completely changed?

I was also in the 10.50 index and there was 3 of us in the class. We asked the guy running the lanes who would get the Bye run in first round of eliminations and he had no idea. He called someone over his radio and they told him something and they gave one of us the Bye but we could not get how they came to the conclusion of who got the Bye... There needs to be a system that can be witnessed by the drivers that makes the determining the Bye run seem more fair... We determined among ourselves the Driver who got the Bye was not due to a better package or reaction time in the 2 previous time trials... Just Sayin...

Re: How are the Midnights run now? 2 years, 2 months ago #1452

We have been trying a few new things at the Midnights, some are working great others not so well. You can expect to see some more changes also. Jimmy and the staff know of some of the issues and we thank you for pointing out your concerns and we will address them as well as we try to make TRP and the Midnights better.

What we are hearing from the TNT racers and Midnight racers they like the, TNT them the Midnights. I think we will keep the 2 lanes for grudge racing, no times or slips, and then have 2 other lanes or some special races, and some lanes with times and slips all night long. Stay tune and we will get this worked out.

This last race the past Midnight Promoter did not give us any info on how he intended to run this race so we had to do our best. We also know it was way too much for the Bracket race, Shootout and Midnight Shootout all to happen on the same night. We will not be doing this agin.

Tulsa Raceway Park
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Re: How are the Midnights run now? 2 years, 2 months ago #1454

I think the cafeteria style of lane choices is great....makes erverybody happy!
As as far as the byes go...I don't have a clue...I've never drawn one.

Re: How are the Midnights run now? 2 years, 2 months ago #1455

Thank you for replying. A response to questions asked will help this board to improve and will also cause more racers to want to attend races there. I have enjoyed my time there this yr. and hope to make it to a few more events. The midnights are nice due to the cooler temps. Again Thanks!

Re: How are the Midnights run now? 2 years, 2 months ago #1456

We are doing our best but we can always improve.
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Re: How are the Midnights run now? 2 years, 1 month ago #1462

And learn spellcheck,lol.
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