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Breaking News

We told you we had BIG NEWS coming and here is just one of them. Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park & Bristol Dragway was chosen over all other track to host the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing Western & Eastern Conference Finals in 2016! Todd Martin, Keith Haney and Don Ellison worked hard to make this happen and maybe this will show NHRA that Tulsa can support a NHRA National Event! The economical impact this event will make is going to be amazing and we should all work together to get the city to support TRP!


Shoot Out Classes & Payouts


For ONLY special events when these classes are run below and noted on the schedule and/or special flier, rules are as follows for Open and Outlaw 10.5

Open Rules
Class General Description: The Outlaw Pro Mod class features small and big block cars capable of high 3's in the 1/8 mile.  Unlimited power adders such as Superchargers, Nitrous Oxide and Turbocharged combinations are allowed.  Just about anything goes in this class, run what ya brung and hope ya brung enough!

Outlaw 10.5 Rules
Class General Description: The Outlaw 10.5 class features small and big block cars capable of low to mid 4's in the 1/8 mile.  Rules for this class are the same as the Outlaw Ten 5 Racing rules and can be viewed by clicking here.

General Rules for Open and Outlaw 10.5

1.       Permanent numbers required and must be 4” high on each side window and back glass.

2.       Classes Open, Outlaw 10.5, and Limited Street will run 1/8th or 1/4 mile.

3.       Disqualification will be based on a first or worst situation based on NHRA rules.  Track official decision is final.  Rules on controversial situations will be final at the discretion of a track official.

4.       Run on a .400 pro tree.

5.       Qualified and laddered using pro ladder format.

6.       All cars participating in Outlaw 10.5 must cross the scales after every qualifying and elimination pass.  Open will not weigh.

7.       Deep staging is allowed at the driver’s risk. Track officials will not wait for a racer to deep stage.  When both pre-stage bulbs are activated, either side’s stage light will start a 7-second stage count.  Failure to activate stage bulb within 7 seconds will result in disqualification. Starter's decision is final.

8.   Tulsa Raceway Park is an NHRA sanctioned track, therefore, all race cars, drivers and crew will adhere to the rules provided in the current NHRA rulebook.

9.    Rules may be revised as need arises.

10.00 Index

No electronics.  Trans brakes will be allowed as a launching device.  .4 Pro tree.  No deep staging allowed.  Random pairing.  Purse based on 16 cars.

12.00 and 13.50 Index

No electronics.  .5 Pro tree.  Trans brakes are not allowed.  No deep staging allowed.  Random pairing.  Purse based on 16 cars.