Buy Your Tickets For Wendy's Mud Down In T-Town July 2014

News from the Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park

  • It was an epic weekend

    of small tire racing at Tulsa Raceway Park Keith Haney, Todd Martin and Chris Dingman. Congrats to Dewayne Mills and the entire Mills Racing team on the new World Record and the WIN! Hats of to the entire TRP staff and to David Cook and Jimmy Boles for the KILLER track prep.
  • Limited Edition

    For the first ever Wendy's Mud Down In T-Town SWAG don't forget to print your FREE TICKETS!

    Wendy's Mud Down In T-Town Osage Casinos Tulsa Raceway Park! Special Thank to MyYota Studio for the videos check out there YouTube Channel and Facebook 

    Watch the video here

  • Come meet Scott Betts and the Too Sexy Team

    July 24th at two different Wendy's locations Owasso 11am - 1pm and Catoosa 5pm-7PM
  • Breaking News!

    Dylan Whitney to play Wendy's Mud Down In T-Town July 25th & 26th.



    We want every one to make sure you bring you pop-up tents and lawn chairs (NO COOLERS ALLOWED) to this HUGE EVENT the 1st ever Wendy's Monster Truck Mud Down In T-Town.

  • National Bikers Roundup

  • Race Fans want to WIN

    We have 8 VIP Starting Line Passes to the Baddest Mud Racing In the Country. """"Share this Post"""" for a chance to win 1!

  • 50,000 FREE TICKETS

    150,000 FREE TICKETS (put out this week at Wendy's & Quik Trip) to the BADDEST MUD RACE ON THE PLANET


  • The first ever Wendy's MUD DOWN IN T-Town!

  • Free Concert 

For live timing at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park click here


Track Records

Perfect Run

(Perfect Light, Dead on with a Zero)

Perfect Run Ron Gibson  
Perfect Run Keith Haney - 10/27/2007 5.050 at 135.12
Perfect Run Jerry Story Sooner Nationals 8.900 at 167.84
Perfect Run Matt Cooper - 8/21/2010 4.870 at 139.98
Open Bike Class    
1/4 ET Record Billy Schoenfield 5/18/08 6.962
1/4 MPH Record Billy Schoenfield 5/18/08 191.97
Pro Mod    
1/4 ET Record Zach Barklage  10/13/07 6.017
1/4 MPH Record Ed Hoover 237.42
1/8 ET Record Gaylen Smith   5/8/10 3.808
1/8 MPH Record Gaylen Smith  5/8/10 202.00
Outlaw 10.5    
1/4 ET Record Chris "Mudduck" Derrick 7.108
1/4 MPH Record "Turbo" Todd Kitchen 201.50
1/8 ET Record "Turbo" Todd Kitchen 4.378
1/8 MPH Record Mike Kimmis 175
Real Street    
1/4 ET Record DeWayne Mills 8.203
1/4 MPH Record DeWayne Mills 169.72
1/8 ET Record Kit Long 4.999
1/8 MPH Record Kit Long 147.33
1/4 ET Record 9.95 Kevin Helms 9.162 @ 144.71
IHRA Top Fuel    
1/4 ET Record Bruce Litton 4.626
1/4 MPH Record Doug Foley 325.37
IHRA Nitro Funny Car    
1/4 ET Record Gary Densham 4.887
1/4 MPH Record Gary Densham 311.05
IHRA Alcohol Funny Car    
1/4 ET Record Dale Brand 5.764
1/4 MPH Record Dale Brand 247.29
IHRA Pro Stock    
1/4 ET Record John Montecalvo 6.365
1/4 MPH Record John Montecalvo 220.15