News from the Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park

  • Oklahoma X Racers we are one week away from the first ever Radial Revenge Tour race! Who's ready? The other question is do you think your stuff is fast enough! Race Fans tickets at $15 to watch and kids 10 and under are FREE!

  • FREE tickets to the May 2014 Osage Casino Throw Down In T-Town

    Get your FREE tickets to the May 16th -17th 2014 Osage Casino Throw Down In T-Town at one of locations. There are a lot of other places to get tickets this is just a few.

  • Throwdown in T-Town May 2014


  • Update

    Major Changes to the Radial Revenge Tour please see flyer below please read close - these are some great changes! The September flyer is the same as this flyer. The July race has just gotten HUGE and MAJOR changes!
  • From the Dirt Side

    Its not all about the drag strip as far as big shows goes @ T.R.P. this year in 2104. T.R.P. has been working hard on the Dirt side of the shows for 2014, and with the help from Larry Ashlock and his friend last Saturday we are know going to go on the map for having one of the premiere dirt / mud racing venues in the Tulsa area. Larry and crew knocked out the tree's and extending the Dirt track / Mud Bog track shutdown area to right @ a 1/4 mile from start to stop on both tracks. In doing so, it makes for plenty of shutdown now on both sides of the dirt / mud racing. This added addition along with the new railing and safety barriers being put into place, will ensure that the T.R.P. events will not only be safer for the racers, but also for the fans, which should make for some great racing action.


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Track Records

Perfect Run

(Perfect Light, Dead on with a Zero)

Perfect Run Ron Gibson  
Perfect Run Keith Haney - 10/27/2007 5.050 at 135.12
Perfect Run Jerry Story Sooner Nationals 8.900 at 167.84
Perfect Run Matt Cooper - 8/21/2010 4.870 at 139.98
Open Bike Class    
1/4 ET Record Billy Schoenfield 5/18/08 6.962
1/4 MPH Record Billy Schoenfield 5/18/08 191.97
Pro Mod    
1/4 ET Record Zach Barklage  10/13/07 6.017
1/4 MPH Record Ed Hoover 237.42
1/8 ET Record Gaylen Smith   5/8/10 3.808
1/8 MPH Record Gaylen Smith  5/8/10 202.00
Outlaw 10.5    
1/4 ET Record Chris "Mudduck" Derrick 7.108
1/4 MPH Record "Turbo" Todd Kitchen 201.50
1/8 ET Record "Turbo" Todd Kitchen 4.378
1/8 MPH Record Mike Kimmis 175
Real Street    
1/4 ET Record DeWayne Mills 8.203
1/4 MPH Record DeWayne Mills 169.72
1/8 ET Record Kit Long 4.999
1/8 MPH Record Kit Long 147.33
1/4 ET Record 9.95 Kevin Helms 9.162 @ 144.71
IHRA Top Fuel    
1/4 ET Record Bruce Litton 4.626
1/4 MPH Record Doug Foley 325.37
IHRA Nitro Funny Car    
1/4 ET Record Gary Densham 4.887
1/4 MPH Record Gary Densham 311.05
IHRA Alcohol Funny Car    
1/4 ET Record Dale Brand 5.764
1/4 MPH Record Dale Brand 247.29
IHRA Pro Stock    
1/4 ET Record John Montecalvo 6.365
1/4 MPH Record John Montecalvo 220.15