X275 Rules

Attention all 275 Drag Radial peeps... We are having 3 "Sears" X275 races this year also. These races will be run with the 2014 Sears rules and if you have any questions on them please contact Jordan @ 870-688-6686 for any questions that you might have concerning your ride. The rules are posted below so you can print them off, and we will have the full dates and payouts of all D/R races posted up very soon, so stay tuned for that and thanks for all your support in 2014. B.D.D.


The car must retain its original appearance, profiles, and dimensions. Factory roof and quarter panels must be used. Aftermarket fiberglass and/or carbon fiber replacement panels are limited to hood, front fenders, doors, deck-lids, and bumpers only. All front ends must be of factory dimensions and cannot be lengthened and must meet all NHRA/IHRA height. (See ground clearance note below). Any beam tripping devices forward of the bumper are prohibited. (Track tech official will have final say) Aftermarket wings and spoilers are permitted. Complete stock appearing front and rear bumpers are required. A hood must be used: scoop or hood must cover the entire induction system. Forward facing hood scoops/ turbo or supercharger inlets are permitted.


Minimum 3 inches from front of car to 12 inches behind centerline of front axle, 2 inches for remainder of car, except oil pan, oil retention device, and headers.


Factory appearing dashboard, door panels, and driver seat is required. Full Carpet is required on floorboards including transmission tunnel. Factory floor pan on driver and passenger side required from firewall to rear of door jamb. Transmission tunnel maybe removable and must be metal. Bare inside frame of car cannot be exposed. Aftermarket steering column is permitted.


OEM glass or Lexan windows are permitted.


Complete stock chassis and frame rails must be retained from motor plate/shock tower to behind the rear wheel opening. Back-halved cars are not permitted. Front core support may be modified or removed. Aftermarket bolt-on replacement front K-members/sub frames are allowed (if front shocks bolt to K-member then they must be in factory location). Shock tower can be notched or trimmed but must be in factory location, verifiable by the factory sheet metal being retained between frame rail and top of tower. Mini tubs are allowed. Rear frame rails may be notched for clearance and must be in the factory location. Factory wheelbase must be maintained. (+ or – 1 inch)


Maximum displacement for all engines is 588ci. Small blocks are allowed any deck height but must retain stock bore spacing. Big block allowed the following deck heights but must retain stock bore spacing. GM Big Blocks are limited to a 10.2 deck height. Ford Big Blocks are limited to a 10.3 deck height. Mopar Big Blocks are limited to a 10.7 deck height. (Cylinder head specs and list for BB Nitrous Combos to be released- billet blocks prohibited)


Single turbocharger limited to 88 mm maximum. (Garrett GT55-88, Exile ETR-88, or = Forced Induction, Comp, Bullseye - mid frame or current (2013) PTE Pro Mod MF88, PTE LF85 or LF88 turbos only). Turbocharger size will be verified by measuring the housing bore at the leading edge of the impeller wheel and must maintain the contour of the compressor housing. (Stepped or Clipped compressor wheel prohibited) Inducer dimensions will not exceed 3.462 inches and Exducer dimensions will not exceed 4.765 inches on MID FRAME turbos. Inducer dimensions will not exceed 3.462 inches and Exducer dimensions will not exceed 5.56 inches on LARGE FRAME turbos. The maximum diameter of the housing bore at the leading edge of the wheel may not exceed 2 mm more than the maximum allowable turbocharger size permitted. Inserts or reducers to achieve inlet or outlet dimensions prohibited. Any type of air to air or water to air intercooler permitted. Turbochargers w/nitrous-oxide prohibited except on 2-rotor, 4 cylinder, and inline 6 cylinder engines.


Cog or gear driven superchargers are permitted, must meet all factory inlet, outlet, and internal housing dimensions. Inserts or reducers to achieve inlet or outlet dimensions prohibited. Any type intercooler is permitted. Supercharger cannot be combined with nitrous oxide. Roots superchargers are limited to a 10-71. Centrifugal superchargers are permitted. Screw superchargers are not permitted.


Small block is permitted to run any type multi-stage nitrous systems. Big blocks are limited to a single stage nitrous system with single -6 line(**see below for accepted line) to fogger single wye to -4 line(**see below for accepted line) connected to fogger solenoids or single -6 line (** see below for accepted line) to plate solenoid(s) – A single stage fogger (2 nitrous solenoids and 2 fuel solenoids) are permitted or if using a single plate then your limited to (1 fuel solenoid, 1 nitrous solenoid), and 1 purge solenoid, purge must exit engine compartment. Small block nitrous are permitted water injection. EFI Big Blocks will only be allowed 2 nitrous solenoids for a dry nitrous system and will only have 1 line per nozzle/per cylinder. (Using both sides of the fogger nozzle on a dry EFI NOS BB combo are prohibited)(Push systems prohibited on big block combo and permitted on small block combo) All lines on big block combo must be visible and continuous from bottle to wye without interruption.


Any factory style automatic transmission allowed. OEM factory style manual transmission allowed. Bruno-Lenco transmissions are prohibited. Aftermarket clutch-less manual transmission and clutch assisted manual transmissions are permitted on naturally aspirated and nitrous small block combinations only. Electric shifters or air shifters are permitted.


Small Block combinations may run any type induction. Big Block combinations are limited to a dedicated single opening cast intake with a single carb or a single 4150 or 4500 series throttle body. (4 blade, dual blade or single blade throttle body permitted).


Dry sump oiling systems are permitted on all cars


Mufflers or inserts are required on all cars except for turbo cars. Exhaust may exit underneath car or out the front fenders but must not affect timing or staging beams.


Gasoline only is permitted. Alcohol/E85 permitted on roots blown/V6/Inline-6/4cyl applications. Alcohol or E-85 or other derivatives is prohibited on all other combinations. Meth injection prohibited. Water injection permitted on SB NOS combos only.


Functional headlights, taillights and brake lights required. All headlights, brake lights, etc. must be on car and not removed for any reason. All vehicles may be towed back from their passes.


Stock style or ladder bar suspension cars only. Aftermarket four links are prohibited on all cars. Aftermarket direct replacement components such as: front control arms, rear control arms, front coil over shocks, and rear coil over shocks are permitted. Aftermarket rack and pinion steering allowed. Rear leaf springs, springs, shocks, and coil-overs may be moved to accommodate tire clearance, and do not need to be mounted in stock location. Bolt-on or welded sub-frame connectors, rear sway bars, are permitted on all cars. Wheelie bars are prohibited on all cars. Torque arms are only permitted on cars that were originally equipped from factory with it. (see notes below) Upper and Lower control arms must be mounted in the factory chassis locations -S Box permitted.


All cars with power adder must compete on a Drag Radial type tire with the following sidewall designation 275/60/15. Naturally aspirated combos are permitted to run a 28.0” x 10.5” slick, no “W” tires permitted.

Minimum base Weights:

* All minimum weights include the driver.
Naturally Aspirated (small block) 2500 lbs.
Naturally Aspirated (big block) 2700 lbs.
Nitrous (small block) 2700 lbs.
Nitrous (big block single stage plate any deck height & conventional heads) 3250 lbs.
Nitrous (big block single stage fogger standard deck height & conventional heads) 3350 lbs.
Nitrous (big block single stage fogger with tall deck height and conventional head) 3400 lbs.
* Single YSI / F1A/6-71 Supercharger (small block) 2800 lbs.
Single F1C/8-71 Supercharger (small block) 2900 lbs.
Single F1R/Xi/10-71 Supercharger (small block – *mod motor or with stock valve angle heads) 3000lbs (add 100 lbs. for billet Xi) (deduct 50 lbs. for 8.2/8.7 deck)
Single F1R/Xi/10-71 Supercharger (small block – any cylinder head) 3100 lbs. (add 150 lbs. for billet Xi) (deduct 50 lbs. for 8.2/8.7 deck)
Single F1X/XB105 Supercharger (small block – *mod motor, LS 15* or with stock valve angle heads cast head only) 3250 lbs. (deduct 50 lbs. for 8.2/8.7 deck)
Single F1X/XB105 Supercharger (small block - inline head) 3350 lbs. (deduct 50 lbs. for 8.2/8.7 deck)
Single F1X/XB105 Supercharger (small block - non-inline head includes SB Mopar SVA hemi style) 3450 lbs. (deduct 50 lbs. for 8.2/8.7 deck)
* Single 76mm T6 Turbocharger (mid frame GT47 based) (small block) 2700 lbs.
Single 80mm T6 Turbocharger (mid frame GT47 based) (small block) 2800 lbs.
Single 83/85mm T6 Turbocharger (mid frame GT47 based) (small block) 2900 lbs.
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (Y2K or GT47-88 ) (mid-frame) (small block) 3000 lbs.
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (GTX55-88 ) (small block - mod motor or stock valve angle cast head) 3250 lbs. (deduct 50 lbs. for 8.2 deck)(deduct 150 lbs. for GTX55-85)
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (GTX55-88 ) (small block - any head) 3300 lbs.(deduct 100 lbs. for GTX55-85)
Single 85mm T6 Turbocharger (Large Frame 85) (small block – mod motor or stock valve angle cast head only) 3200 lbs.
Single 85mm T6 Turbocharger (Large Frame 85) (small block) 3250 lbs.
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (Large Frame 88/PTE Pro Mod MF88 ) (small block – mod motor or stock valve angle cast head only) 3300 lbs.
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (Large Frame 88/PTE Pro Mod MF88 ) (small block cast head only) 3400 lbs.
* Small Blocks (NOS & N/A) with single 4150 carb/throttle body: deduct 50lbs
*Small Block (NOS) with any plate nitrous system: deduct 50lbs (deduct does not apply if used in conjunction with fogger)
* Small Blocks (NOS & N/A) with 23 degree Chevy heads, 20 degree Ford heads, and 18 degree
Mopar heads: deduct 100 lbs. RR - 75 lbs.
* Small Blocks (NOS only) 18–10 degree valve angle inline head: deduct 50 lbs.
* Small Blocks (NOS only) cast t-ram/sheet metal/2 carbs or 2 throttle bodies: add 50 lbs.
*Throttle Bodies exceeding 4500 series on Big Block combinations: add 50lbs
* Non-Intercooled boosted cars on gasoline: deduct 50 lbs.
* Belt driven centrifugal superchargers: deduct 50lbs.
* Aftermarket rear suspension COPO Chevy and Drag Pack permitted on the new Camaro and Challengers must be mounted in exact factory location on body/frame. Torque arm on late model GTO/5th gen Camaro. Corvette with any leaf spring suspension permitted.
* Buick/Olds/Pontiac Nitrous combos will be 3150 lbs. and not to exceed 588 cu inches
* V-6/Inline 6/4 cylinder Turbocharged/Supercharged/Nitrous combos will deduct 250 lbs. from base weight on gas and 150 lbs. if on alcohol *Factory IRS deduct 50 lbs.
**-6 and -4 nitrous line(s) must be of standard braided line construction, (high pressure hydraulic line prohibited as they exceed the internal diameter of industry standard) Standard spec lines/fittings only.
-4 I.D. .153 to .154
-4 I.D. with -6 Nut .153 to .154
-6 I.D. .275 to .276

Big Block Chevy Cylinder Head:

Conventional Heads as referenced to the original Mark IV design. (BBC symmetrical or raised port design is not defined as conventional for these rules)

- Stock port location/Standard port location – no raised runner
- Floor of port may not be more than .550 from deck
- No port plates or intake manifold adapter plates permitted
- No epoxy or welding permitted except for repair in chambers or between cylinders
- No welding of tops of runners except for adding bolt bosses for rocker stands
- Intake valve angle will measure 24* + or – 1*
- Maximum dimension allowable from deck surface to the top of the intake port will be no more than 3.125”
- Heads with “AS CAST” intake port lower than this dimension will be permitted.
- No welding or epoxy permitted to achieve this dimension.
- Tech official has final say at the time of inspection on any issues that may arise

Suggested castings to include the following:

• CFE/BMF 350 – 405cc Big Block Chevrolet
Chevrolet Factory OEM Iron & Aluminum; OEM Aluminum
• Brodix BB-1, BB-1 OEF1, BB-2, BB-2X, BB-2 Extra, BB-2 Plus, BB-3, BB3X, SR23 (non-raised runner Head Hunter)
• Edelbrock Victor & Victor CNC, Edelbrock Victor Jr. CNC Oval & Rect
• Edelbrock Performer RPM 454-O, 454-O, 454-R
• Edelbrock Victor 24-degree Rectangular Port #77419, #77409
• Edelbrock RPM XT Rectangle PN#51539
• Edelbrock RPM XT Oval PN#51459
• Edelbrock Victor PN#61409
• Edelbrock Victor PN#61419
• Edelbrock Victor PN#77609
Pro – Filer Sniper and SniperX 290 cc 320 cc and 375 cc
• Dart Pro 1 310 cc thru 355 cc, Race Series 265 cc thru 360 cc, Dart 380 Pro2
• Canfield Big Block Chevy 24.5-800, 24.5-900
• GMPP Signature Series BB Heads cast # 12363401, 12363391
• Air Flow Research 265, 290, 305, 315, 325, 335, 345, 357, 385, Oval, Rect & CNC Port
• World Products Merlin II Oval & Rect Port 269, 320, 345, 305, 350 Iron & Alum
• (RHS)Pro Top Line Pro Thunder 320, 360 cc Alum & Iron

Big Block Ford Cylinder Head:

- Factory cast Iron heads (don’t think we’ll see many of them )
- A-429 Cobra Jet (Ford Motorsports)
- Cobra Jet (Blue Thunder, Trick Flow)
- Super Cobra Jet (Ford Motorsports, FRPP/Kaase)
- Blue Thunder “B” head
- Street Heat (Trick Flow)
- Edelbrock RPM
- P-51′s (Kaase)
- “A” designation heads (All manufacturers, Ford Motorsports, FRPP, Trick Flow, Eliminator, EX514, etc. . .)

Big Block Mopar:

B-1 style cylinder heads only
* If one combination appears to have an advantage rules may be changed at the race director’s discretion in order to keep a level playing field for all competitors.


Racers Banquet 2014

Osage Casino has added a complimentary breakfast for anyone that books a room. It’s time for the 2013 awards banquet. It will be February 8th at the new Osage Casino in Skiatook. The doors will open at 6pm, start eating at 6:30pm and start the awards at 8pm. We will be having a buffet this year. The menu consists of tossed salad, pasta salad, sliced roast sirloin, grilled chicken breast, parsley potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, rice pilaf, and rolls with butter, assorted desserts, coffee and tea. The cost will be $20 for adults and $10 for junior sportsman kids and younger. It will cost $10 per person at the door for anyone not eating. For all those that order a buffet the casino will give you $10 free play. All meal orders must be turned into This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than January 28th. We have a block of rooms reserved for all those that would like to stay the night. The room rate is $119 and must be booked by January 24th. To book your rooms call Jessica Reid at 918-699-7621. We hope to see everyone at the banquet to celebrate a great 2013 season and a full night of fun.


2014 Schedule

Just letting everyone know I have been working on the 2014 Schedule. We will be going to a Two day race format for the Bracket races this season. We will Have TnT of Friday night before the race. The race on Saturday will be counted as a race and the race on Sunday will be counted as an entirely different race. So it will be a double race weekend.

As of now this is only 75% set in stone.

  • March 29 30
  • April 12,13
  • May 24,25
  • June, 14,15
  • July 12, 13
  • Aug 15,16 this will be a night race
  • September 13,14
  • Oct ET finals 17,18,19

We will be looking at adding some index races between these races also. So let me know what index you think will work best and if yo want 1/4 or 1/8 index.

We will be sharing more info on the 2014 season very soon!


Keith Haney Racing is going pink for final races of 2013

Keith Haney Racing is going pink for its final two races of the season in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Both of KHR's Pro Mod cars will carry pink livery for the Throw Down in T-Town at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park this weekend as well as the ADRL season finale at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston next weekend.

Keith Haney will drive in both events, with Monroe Guest behind the wheel of the car that is normally black for the Tulsa race and Erica Enders-Stevens in the car for the Houston race.

"I've had close friends and family members affected by cancer," Haney said. "It hits close to home, and we're happy to bring some awareness to the disease and raise some money."

Haney has long been a supporter of cancer-related charities, carrying decals on his cars this season for the Cancer Sucks! foundation. Plus, he has made appearances with his race cars at Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa to show support.

"Going pink is an extension of that," Haney said. "We're constantly doing all we can to help. I'm a big supporter of charities that need our help. We try to pick the ones that can make a difference."

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, a collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to services.

Pink is the color of choice to represent Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Haney happily changed the colors of his race cars. He has the full support of sponsors and Lucas Oil in the endeavor.

Haney's car dealerships have gotten into the spirit of the month, too, with Classic Chevrolet in Owasso, Okla., going pink, from painting pink lines in the parking lot to placing pink balloons across the dealership.

Haney and his race team will go one step further by setting up a booth at the last two races for fans to make donations.

"We'll have a tent at the racetrack where fans can donate to the Cancer Treatment Centers," Haney said. "We'll take donations both in Tulsa and in Houston."

Thank you to Kryptonite Kustomz, LLC for donating you time and doing a GREAT WRAP for all your wrap needs go see these guys.


Well Racers & Race Fans

Well Racers & Race Fans your request for TOP FUEL FUNNY CAR & TOP FUEL Dragster has come to life. Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park is proud to announce we will have BOTH for the Osage Casino Throw Down In T-Town! We would like to give a warm welcome to Mr. Terry Haddock & Mrs. Jenna Haddock they will both make 1/4 mile passes on Friday Night & Saturday Night. This is HUGE for TRP and will help get us one step closer to having a NHRA National Event!

We would like to ask all of you to SHARE THIS POST in support to TOP FUEL and getting NHRA here one day.