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Mid-America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals Saturday 15th 2013

Mid-America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals Saturday 15th, @ Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park...If you haven't been to this event you are missing out. We had Henry Ford III here last year and he made his first ever pass down a drag strip right here at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park. SHEDULE OF EVENTS: 8:00 am Gates Open 8:30 am Drivers’ Meeting at Tech – ALL DRIVERS MUST ATTEND!! ! 8:00 – 11:00 TECH INSPECTION 8:45 – 10:00 Drag Race Drivers School Lane 10 8:45 – 12:00 Time Trials 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch Break 1:00 – 3:30 Time Trials (starting with Fast Cars, FE Shoot Out, Regular) 1:00 Call to Lanes Powder Puff Event 3:30 – 4:00 Prep Track for Eliminations 4:00 ELIMINATIONS (Fast Cars, FE Shoot Out and Regular) 7:30 pm Awards Ceremony at the Base of Tower TECH Ford Powered Cars to be teched must arrive at Tech under their own power. Cars will be teched at the track Saturday morning between 8:00am and 11:00am at the Tech Area only! Any driver and car that runs any faster than 9.99 will fall into NHRA and IHRA rules for that time (Competition License for that time and Certified Chassis). A number will be put on the window off all cars passing tech inspection that are entered to race. Cars not passing tech will be prohibited from racing until the defect is corrected and the car returned to tech for inspection. Tech will close at 11:00am!!! ALL CLASSES – DIAL YOUR OWN We will use ten lanes for time trials and eliminations. When called to eliminations, proceed to the staging lanes as designated below, make sure you get in the right lane for your dial-in – NO LANE JUMPING! Track personnel will put your Dian In E/T on your driver’s side window and the lane that you are in will be in a circle in the center of your windshield. During eliminations, if you win, return to the same staging lane as soon as possible. If you miss your round you are out of competition. If you lose, return to your pit area. Before you pull into the lights make sure that your DIAL IN is correct. This is your responsibility. If it is wrong do not pull into the lights and let the starter know it is wrong so that it can be corrected. Powder Puff Eliminations will run with Time Trials after the Lunch Break (starting at 1pm). There will be two classes, both winner and runner-up in each. Classes are 0 – 14.99 in Lane 9, and 15:00 and Slower in Lane 10. Trophies will be awarded after with the other trophies after eliminations. FE Shoot-Out will be line up in, Lane 1 for cash prizes with no ET break. First round losers will be able to buy back into the FE Shoot-Out for $20.00 at Front of the Staging Lanes. REMAINING CLASSES No Electronic Lane 2 12:51 – 13:50 Lane 5 14:51 - 16:00 Lane 8 0 - 11:50 Lane 3 13:51 - 14:00 Lane 6 16:01 –UP Lane 9 11:51 - 12:50 Lane 4 14:01 – 14:50 Lane 7 Shelby Mustang Lane 10 WINNER AND RUNNER-UP TROPHIES WILL BE GIVEN IN EACH BRACKET AFTER ALL ELIMINATIONS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED. GENERAL INFORMATION HELMETS AND LONG PANTS ARE REQUIRED BY ALL RACERS! ABSOLUTELY NO SPEEDING IN THE PIT AREA (INCLUDING GOLF CARTS, MOTORCYCLES, ATVS, ETC)! OPEN VEHICLES MUST HAVE ARM RESTRAINTS (COBRA, ETC) AND GLOVES. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN!! NO AGGRESSIVE TIRES!!!!! Please try to use as little space as possible when setting up you pit area. Space is at a premium. Please help your fellow racers by watching to make sure someone does not park a car behind someone else’s trailer. Drivers will be allowed to race one (1) car in one class in eliminations competing for one award. TOMMY BYERS’ FASTEST TIME OF DAY AWARD will be given to a full-bodied car with functional doors. A Red Light or a Break Out during eliminations is an automatic lose. DO NOT RETURN TO THE LANES UNLESS YOU E/T SLIP IS MARKED “WIN”. Drivers must keep their E/T slips on winner and runner-up runs in the finals for the awards in case of a discrepancy. BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR NAME TAG FOR PROOF OF REGISTRATION!! !


2013 Mid America Mud Racing

MID AMERICA MUD RACING second ever Mud Race at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park. Rules can be found here. Plus Suburban Chevrolet Bracket Series #8—NHRA GOOD GUYS CHALLENGE #2, W Bikes #3, Mickey Thompson Shoot Out Series # 1 Gates open 12pm Time Runs 2pm then Osage Casino Legendary Midnight Drags & Rollin Coal Diesel Power Plus Shootout.

Spectator Admission $12.00 kids 12 and under free

ATV Classes Entry $20.00 including gate

Class No. 1 Street up to 44” DOT tires Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.2 Modified Street up to 37” DOT tires $30.00 including gate

Class No.3 Super Street up to 37” DOT Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.3A Bone Stock up to 44” DOT tires Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.4 Pro Street up to 38.5” DOT tires Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.5 Modified up to 40” DOT tires Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.6 Super Modified up to 44” DOT tires Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.7 Pro Modified 4 link 4x4 up to 54” DOT tires Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.8 Unlimited 2 or 4 Wheel Drive Entry $30.00 including gate

Class No.9 Open Entry $30.00 including gate


2013 Memorial Day Megabucks

 2013 Memorial Day Megabucks

Saturday, Sunday & Monday - May 25th - 27th



Our Neighbors Need Help!

 Our Neighbors Need Help!

May 21st - 27th

2013 Our Neighbors Need Help!