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General Information

  • 3 story tower with 6 suites and media room.  Party room available for special occasions.  Check with track for availability.
  • 10,000 seating capacity
  • 10 staging lanes
  • Altitude 619'
  • 60' wide
  • 675' concrete pad
  • 2710’ shutdown road with 200’ sand trap
  • Musco track and pit lighting
  • Concrete barrier walls on both sides from burnout to last turn off.
  • All utilities underground.
  • Sunoco Racing Fuel station offering 104 unleaded, 110, 112 and methanol.
  • Fully equipped EMT and fire rescue vehicles on site.
  • Souvenir stand offering Tulsa Raceway Park and NHRA merchandise for added enjoyment of your racing experience.
  • Restroom facilities located on both sides of the track.
  • Concession stand with a complete menu of burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, fries, pizza pockets, chips, candy, soda and beer.  Lots of other items too!


Osage Casino Hotel - Skiatook & Ponca City

Book your stay online or call 877-246-8777

Website: View Information Here


Clarion Inn Tulsa International Airport

2201 N. 77th East Avenue
Tulsa, OK, US, 74115

Website: View Information Here

7728 E. Virgin Court
Tulsa, Oklahoma
74115 USA TEL: +1-918-838-1444
FAX: 1-918-834-6910



Wyndham Tulsa (918) 627-5000
10918 E. 41st Street, Tulsa, OK 74146

Website : Click here for reservations

Holiday Inn Owasso

7551 N. Owasso Expressway
Owasso, OK 74055

Special racer rates for Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park 70.00


Be a part of

Fuel Burnin', Tire Smokin', Chute Poppin'
Drag Racing Excitement


Acrobat PDF File
Right Click and "Save As"


Tulsa Raceway Park is always accepting applications for all racing positions.

 Flexible hours, weekends, & holidays required.

 Please send Resume with references and completed application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=Application%20for%20Employment"> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or call (918) 437-7223.

Drag Racing Basics

This section is for newcomers to Tulsa Raceway Park and serves as a refresher for our regular racers.  All racers should refer to the Track Rules and General/Safety Rules sections of this website for additional clarification.


  • After paying your race fee at the pit gate, you will be provided with a tech card which you need to fill out and take to the Tech area behind the concession building.   A Tulsa Raceway Park official will inspect your car and provide you with a wristband and car number upon successfully passing the tech inspection.  You will then be directed to the staging lanes.
  • Wristband must be placed on the driver's wrist when issued. Switching wristbands during a race event is strictly prohibited and will subject the offenders to immediate eviction from Tulsa Raceway Park.
  • When your lane is pulled, you must be ready to race.  Being race ready means seatbelts are fastened, windows closed (including sunroof) and lights on (when applicable).  The Staging Director will guide you toward the burnout area.  If you choose to do a burnout, follow the directions of the Water Box Supervisor.  Do not begin burnout until the Starter and the Water Box Supervisor signal it is safe.  After completing your burnout, proceed immediately to the starting line.
  • Approach the starting line until your front tire activates the pre-stage light.  From there, inch your way forward until your tire causes the stage light to come on.  This signals the starter that you are ready to race.
  • Time your start so that your vehicle is leaving just as the green light comes on. Continue accelerating until you cross the finish line.
  • If you believe that your vehicle is leaking fluids on the racing surface, pull over immediately and wait for track personnel to assist.
  • Begin to decelerate as soon as you cross the finish line and continue down track until the second or third turn.  Never, under any circumstance, should you turn around on the race track.  If you miss the second turn, you should proceed to the end of the track and take the third exit.  Remember, the vehicle in the left lane has the right of way.  Proceed immediately to the time slip booth, obeying the posted speed limit en route.
  • Your time slip is a detailed record of your run.  It provides you with your reaction time, and elapsed time readings at the 60', 330', 1/8th mile, 1,000' and 1/4 mile mark.  In addition, it provides you with a MPH reading at the 1/8th and 1/4 mile.  This data will help you evaluate your run.
  • After reading the data, you may choose to cool down your vehicle in the pit area or proceed back to the staging lanes for another run.  Do not cool down your vehicle in the staging lanes.
  • All racers are responsible for being familiar and in compliance with current Tulsa Raceway Park and NHRA rules. Depending upon the severity of the infraction, one warning will be given to a driver found in violation of the rules.  A second violation during the same event may subject the offender to immediate disqualification.  This includes, but is not limited to; inoperable tail light, running quicker than 13.99 without a helmet and motorcycles running faster than 120 MPH without leather or Kevlar pants.

Shoot Out Classes & Payouts


For ONLY special events when these classes are run below and noted on the schedule and/or special flier, rules are as follows for Open and Outlaw 10.5

Open Rules
Class General Description: The Outlaw Pro Mod class features small and big block cars capable of high 3's in the 1/8 mile.  Unlimited power adders such as Superchargers, Nitrous Oxide and Turbocharged combinations are allowed.  Just about anything goes in this class, run what ya brung and hope ya brung enough!

Outlaw 10.5 Rules
Class General Description: The Outlaw 10.5 class features small and big block cars capable of low to mid 4's in the 1/8 mile.  Rules for this class are the same as the Outlaw Ten 5 Racing rules and can be viewed by clicking here.

General Rules for Open and Outlaw 10.5

1.       Permanent numbers required and must be 4” high on each side window and back glass.

2.       Classes Open, Outlaw 10.5, and Limited Street will run 1/8th or 1/4 mile.

3.       Disqualification will be based on a first or worst situation based on NHRA rules.  Track official decision is final.  Rules on controversial situations will be final at the discretion of a track official.

4.       Run on a .400 pro tree.

5.       Qualified and laddered using pro ladder format.

6.       All cars participating in Outlaw 10.5 must cross the scales after every qualifying and elimination pass.  Open will not weigh.

7.       Deep staging is allowed at the driver’s risk. Track officials will not wait for a racer to deep stage.  When both pre-stage bulbs are activated, either side’s stage light will start a 7-second stage count.  Failure to activate stage bulb within 7 seconds will result in disqualification. Starter's decision is final.

8.   Tulsa Raceway Park is an NHRA sanctioned track, therefore, all race cars, drivers and crew will adhere to the rules provided in the current NHRA rulebook.

9.    Rules may be revised as need arises.

10.00 Index

No electronics.  Trans brakes will be allowed as a launching device.  .4 Pro tree.  No deep staging allowed.  Random pairing.  Purse based on 16 cars.

12.00 and 13.50 Index

No electronics.  .5 Pro tree.  Trans brakes are not allowed.  No deep staging allowed.  Random pairing.  Purse based on 16 cars.