X275 Drag Radial

From Keith:

"Tulsa Raceway Park thrives on putting on the best show available. Because of this, TRP will be bringing several major X275 events to the Oklahoma-based facility in 2014, starting April 25 - 26 with a $5,000-to-win event. "For the first time in the state of Oklahoma, the heavy hitters in the X275 Drag Radial world will be coming to the Midwest for the chance of winning the largest purse ever offered in the state of Oklahoma, or the upper Midwest," said Todd Martin, TRP owner/partner and event promoter. The X275 style of racing has been popular in the southeastern United States and for Martin, the chance to host to this group of racers excites him. "The X275 Drag Radial reign has been going on for a couple of years in the Deep South, and East coast, and is currently the most dominating Drag Radial class in the world right now," Martin explained. "The X275 class has a real heavy fan base, and has become the class to watch for in 2014, and will be a great addition to TRP." Tulsa Raceway Park will be hosting not only one, but three X275 races this year. The July 17-19th race will stand as the premier of the three planned events with a $10,000 payout for a single X275 event Sponsored by Gaines Grinding & Wilson Racing . A value adder will be free car and driver entry. The third event will be in September 26-27 and will pay $5,000 to win. For more information, visit the Tulsa Raceway Park Facebook page."