For the 2014 season I was wanting to bring in organizations for each class that was being held at an M.T.S.S. event so that I could concentrate on promoting the events instead of doing what I am right now which is talking about rules. lol A prime example would be the MW8.5RA / Bad Boy 8.5 infusion already going on this year would carry over to next year lord willing, please..please..please.. and I was heavily courting Jeff Holloway with the Mako cars pretty hard, to be the Real Street class next season due to his 10 year run in the Midwest with small tire cars.. etc..etc. The Pro Mod class would stay in house but I think you get the idea. So with that said I am happy to announce that we are moving the time table up on the Real Street class to right now and will be running the Mako rules in Real Street for the rest of the year in the M.T.S.S. series. The only modification that we will be adding to the Mako rules is the engine diaper or NHRA-accepted belly pan for oil containment required to the class like we have in all of our classes. Due to the late change in the rules so close to our next race date, we are allowing a one race exemption on the Diaper rule for the Tulsa race on the 12-13. This is only a one race exemption and the following race @ ORP will NOT have that exemption, and all cars in Real Street will have to have a diaper @ the ORP race on July 26-27th, and for the rest of the M.T.S.S. season. We are only adding the Mako rules not their series so they will NOT be considered Mako points events. Jeff still has several of those on tap for the rest of the year though, and with the addition of the M.T.S.S. following his rules it should help the car count on both sides of the table for the remaining 2013 season. For the record though I am working Jeff over pretty hard to have him be a part of the M.T.S.S. show next year with his organization so help me if you can peeps and put in a good word. This is a very sound decision and should help boost the class back up to were it used to be. With that said Super Street was on the chopping block but will finish out the year unchanged, mainly due to the addition of weights in the Real Street class now. I have brought on a full time Tech person to finish off the year and his bio and contact info will be coming up shortly today. Thanks for the support in all the classes and we look forward in moving forward with this series and taking it to the next level. B.D.D.